Friday, June 12, 2009

happy birthday

....what can i say? can i discribe it? you remember..back in the first grade...when you where new...and there was this girl...already third or fourth grade...and you just know her from looking at her on the school yeard during lunch break when she stood there with all her cool friends (yes i mean you kristina and shanna and a few more great writers)...and she was so fucking cool...her clothing..her attitude...the things she said you heared while you standing nearby pretending not to listen but to read...and you really would like to know become friends with her because you just would have to die if you wouldnt...that girl is alison tyler to me ...she is awsome..i read her blog since ages ...and she surprices me almost daily...with what she says..what she does...i dont know her..i just watch her from the other side of the school yard mesmerized by her sparkling personalety...aside the fact that she is a great writer, publisher and inspiration to many of us sex-writers...and if i m right she is also a kick-ass & and hot woman behind her dark sunglasses..what can i say but: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Alison Tyler said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Come sit by me under the swings, will ya? I'll let you share my cookies...