Friday, July 3, 2009

got kreativity...?

just the other night when i did my nightly blog-cruising i discovered the kreativ blogger award...i was hooked up in the very same moment..i love competitions and anything where you can win something..and i thought to myself " ah..i wish i could be on that list too"..and today when i strolled over to the fab blog of the equaly fab nikki magennis ( i discovered that she had been nominated too for this award..and i also read the list of blogs she had nominated for the award...shanna, gina, janine, charlotte, ella, t de santiago..i clicked the link..and ended up at my own was really me..magical..alchemistical..crazy..i hesitatet from commenting on it since i was afraid that, as soon as i would post a coment, it would turn out i had totally understood something wrong and it wanst actually me who was nominated the end i finally comented ..actually because there was a very sweet question burning on my tongue..anyway..i m nominated..theres an award ..there are rules..rules are: name 7 kreative blogs you enjoy..and list seven things you like... blogs..that will be hard..

because its awsome to read all about her adventures here in europe

nikki maggenis herself /

because she rarely speaks but when she does she just pours out words like pearls...shiny and perfect

because she just started writing (again) and is already such an amazing blogger / writer who always leaves me with my mouth open in front of her words and pretty pretty pictures

just because i read her blog since ages and never get tired of it

because she is just so much fun to read and because the first word that comes up my mind when i think sommer isnt smut but smart

because she is totally what you mean when you say kreative

because bloggerland wouldnt be as much fun with all her blogging plus ..lets be honest..alison is the secret queen who keeps us all together somehow...


that was kinda hard...there are still some more blogs i love..but seats are few and we arent still in high school..if you arent on this list that doesent mean i dont like you lots..:-)

and seven things i like:

sushi at my favourite sushi place where i never have to order because the sushi chef always surprise me with new creations..

desantiago & daughters, and lovers and friends..because without you theres no me

spending all night long with my partners in crime: cooking , eating and talking ..

your i miss touching you..tracing my fingers all of your body...saying all the words i couldnt say with my lips with my fingers instead...i wish i still could call you a friend

writing...obviously..mix words about what has been with words of how it should have writing is truth based on fiction..its my confrontation with my demons

those hot humid and moist nights i always speak when you already can taste the thunderstorm in the i those nights everything is possible..for you as well..

creole and brazilian food

*** if you dont know these blogs, for example you usually just visit german blogs or because of what ever..just hop over..get to them..they are special and a wonderfull world to discover


Erobintica said...

that is a lovely list of things you love - I'm glad I found your blog

Danielle de Santiago said...

@ erobintica...i m happy too that you followed me home..:-)

Donna said...

Thank you so much Danielle. You are a true twin spirit in sex, food and writing and I'm so glad to have met you in blogland. You always bring poetry to my day :-).

And I'm drooling over these salads. I could eat salad for every meal. Seriously.

Danielle de Santiago said...


thanx donna..its n honor to be a twin spirit in this case..:-)

its not that i can preapre salads only..but especially when its so warm i like them a lot:-)