Friday, November 6, 2009

my first time

this spring i did had my first time..well not my "first time" but i had the honor and joy to see/have my first two stories on the american book market aka in american anthologies...i wouldnt had have this pleasure if there wasnt the help of two wonderful editors namely sacchi green and neil plakcy who liked my work that much that they actually edited them and cleaned out my lil grammar mistakes... today i had another first first american review on one of my american stories...

over at T.R. Moos reviewed "surfer boys" neil plakcys hot and wave-wet anthology which is all about sexy and seductive surfers...among many well written stories you can finde my story " sleeping in the sand"...

which brings me to what mister moss wrote about "sleeping in the sand":

“Sleeping in the Sand" by Danielle de Santiago features an American surfer traveling in Africa who meets two young (18 and 19) French surfers, with associated drama, and finally getting fucked by the queer of the two French surfers, who is naturally a "master seducer." At 19 years old, I found that hard to believe, but the sensual details of seduction are certainly compelling.“Sleeping in the Sand" is a good transition into the remaining stories, many of which are rather romantic.

even though i didnt wrote anything about "master seducer" i think that is a pretty good review which i m very happy you mr moss

if you wanna read the rest of the reviews jump over to:


Ms. Moon said...

Terrific, Danielle! And this caught my eye:
"Sebastian Inlet" by Martin Delacroix features a surfer returning to the beach of his childhood and working through some homophobic trauma when a hot surfer takes him to dinner, followed by romantic sex.

I grew up near the Sebastian Inlet and know it well. I never had any homophobic trauma there that I can remember, though. Too bad. Perhaps I could now work through it and dinner in the bargain!

Seriously- I would think this review can only help your international standing and your career.

Danielle said...

ms moon you crack me up with..

I never had any homophobic trauma there that I can remember, though.

i remember you wrote something about gay porn somewhere..maybe you should read the story..:-)))

Jo said...

And there was me used to only women liking gay porn. :)

Nice, Danielle.

If you ever need a proofer, I weild a mean red pen.

Danielle said...

@ jo..thats great..i write it all..straight, bi, lesbian, gay..i m a writing-whore..:-)wore?..damned..i never know if its whore or hore..wore i get me..:-)

a wicked/mean red pen is surely handy for me from time to time..:-)

Craig Sorensen said...

Congrats, Danielle. Excellent news indeed!

Danielle said...

@ craig

thank you:-)

i m actually pretty thrilled to have my first american review

Jeremy Edwards said...

That's terrific, Danielle! I'm truly in awe of a writer who can make himself erotically at home in a second language. Wow!

Danielle said...

@ jeremy

thank you! but..lets be all read my up-down turn arround coments..without those awsome editors it would be impossible for me to publish prefressional in the usa..:-) but for sure i totally love to write in english...its a wonderful language and i love to read and write it..:-)

Jo said...

It's a whore you are, darling.

Danielle said...

ah okay..hehe*

i m sure its very rare that the words whore and darling meets in the same sentence..:-)

Petit fleur said...

Sounds fascinating.


Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

thank you

well..its not thaaaat a big thing but the story is okay and a good read..:-)

Petit fleur said...

Try to enjoy the recognition. ;-)

riendo said...

first are awesome,
I just got a first as well.

Anonymous said...

crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?


Anonymous said...

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