Friday, May 27, 2011


ha...actually i didnt wnat to write about work for a while...BUT...i just finished a story for the book aka THE BOOK (yes the fucker still isnt finished, but almost and it needs to be done soon since i have to send it in to my publisher in 3 weeks) and i m sooo pleased with that story! actually that story was written ages ago...and i remembered it...a story about myself and an affaire i had many years ago when i still where really young...and i thought damn that story is so nice..i want it in my book...and so i searched for it my archive up and down and was totally disapointed when i found it ....i hadnt seen it in years...and i had forgotten how damn short that story i sat down and thought..hmmm...maybe i do a little filling..add a word here and there...make the sexscene longer...and startet to write..and suddently i was already 3 pages in the story without actaully copying anything from the original went on...took some things away..added a few things..even dialogue!! (ask jo, i hate to write dialogue and write entire stories without actualdialogue) the story is finished and its ten pages long..yaye..which means 20 pages for the book aka THE BOOK! which totally makes me happy...noseriously..i m full of joy about it and feel like i just gave birth to a really really pretty baby..uhm..oka ythat might sound ugly..but thats what it feels like..the whole story starts with 3 girklfriends talking about wnaderlust traveling and men they met goes from berlin to spain and to á is full of discribtion of the beauty of the exotic island the last part is written on..its about human well as great and passionet sex...all enlighted by a fat full moon hoovering over the ocean and the jungle...

can you believe that i ll be done in 3 weeks? not only that i have to be done but also that i want to be first (almost) real book in 14 years! good news is that i cant wait to finish it because (after i ll have done some translating for a great author/editor who i ll translate from english into german) i ll direktly start into writing my next book which will be a real real book...real real as in no short fiction but full novel...yaye!