Wednesday, September 30, 2009

are you lonesome tonight?

i just stumbled over this video..actually i m not sure if it was made be funny or if its made by any catholic group or other relegious formation and if its meant to be serious...but i had a laugh while watching it and can resume in the end: learn to be "both-handed"

ps: okay..found the information and its just meant to be

Green Porn presented by Isabella Rosselinni

i m a huge fan of isabella dthe older she gets the fan-nier i become..she is just an awsome actrice and i totally love her in cult movies like "blue velvet" or "death becomes her"...2005 she made a movie called "my dad is 100 years old" which was a very personal and beautiful hommage to her father roberto rossellini...but what i love most nowadays is her 2008 project "green porn" almost each episode startet with her cooking something interesting and tasty and the words " what if i were a..."..completeyl dressed up in awssome costumes isabella displays and exposes the love life of flies,snails, bees, praying mantis and many many other such fun and i dont know why but you can tell that she really loves this project...

here is my favorite episode (even though i love the shrimp-isode qualy much:

as well as a trailer:

and if you enjoyed this (somehow i really think donna and neve will like this) you can check here: for some more episodes

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

another nightmare on elm street

well as a kid of the 80ies i m a huge fan of all the 80ies and 90ies slasher moving starring a bunch of teenagers getting killed one by one by any psycho killer who is i never can get enough of friday the 13th or nightmare on elm street marathons...there is only one thing better: a new movie...just like the recent new part of friday 13th and now the new a nightmare on elm street..damned those elm street kids really have bad luck with a neighbour like freddy who is still hunting his killers children through busy dreams full of hallucinatic traps and crisis...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

and the winner is..neve black!

a while ago i had the honor to host the last stop in the spicy sunday blog tour..and since a lot people liked the snippets i wrote as intros for my selection of chutneys, oils and vinegars i came up with the "your ending-contest"...rules were easy: just pic a snippet you like and finish it with your own end...

winner of this contest is neve black with her personal ending for my snippet "room 244" and she won sacchi greens girl crazy anthology which not only includes my funny&sexy coming out story " i ve been around the block.three times, maybe four" but als a wonderful story by sommer marsden and by kristina wright and a story which, i personally, love and went crazy over because its written so well and its so special..who wrote it? no one less then our wonderful gina marie under her pseudo kirsten monroe..

and here is the winner story for the "your ending-contest"

Room 244
Written by: Danielle De Santiago
Ending by: Neve Black

She drove four and a half hours from Rome to Modena just to see him again. The road was empty and dusty during the last two hours of the way, and along the side old olive trees alternated with stalls tended by old fragile women who sold strawberries and apricots underneath the roaring sun. She still could taste the dust when she stepped out of the car and pushed up her sunglasses.

His house wasn’t just a house, but more like a big old manor with roofs made of red, weather-beaten shingles crouching above old rotten walls with closed shutters. We always close the shutters during the day. He would tell her later, it was just to keep the heat outside. He didn’t know that she brought a certain kind of heat when he opened the door and let her in. After all they had done that night in the little hotel near the Fontana de Trevi, he behaved strangely pure and chaste now.

“Do you want to see the vinegar?” he asked her.

“The what?”

“The vinegar my family makes,” he answered with a look from his dark, gloomy eyes.


She followed him, and when they left the house the heat bit into her like an animal. Soon they went into the storehouse where he led her along between hundreds of barrels. A mild but still sour scent swirled through the air and bedazzled her mind while he kept talking about the small family business and the vinegar, about Trebbiano grapes and how they had grown them for generations on their own ground.

Gia felt tired. This wasn’t what she had in her mind when he had called her and asked if she would come to his house to see him again. She remembered the night they had met...the looks he had given her..and how they ended up in the wild garden of an abandoned house in the suburbs of Rome...the song of the cicadas in the high grass as he opened her blouse and pulled up her skirt over her waist...the heat of his cock against the inside of her thighs and how sweet and spicy his saliva tasted as his mouth met her lips and his tongue melted into her. She came hard and fast in a way she had never experienced before. She just had to take him back to her hotel room and now he...

“Do you wanna try some?” he asked.

“Pardon, I was thinking about something else,” Gia excused herself when his voice brought her back into reality.

“I asked if you wanna try the vinegar,” he said once more, giving her a patient look.

“Oh, no..thank you..but I don’t like sour tastes,” she said, lifting her hands to show that she really wasn’t inclined to try it.

“But it’s not’ have to taste it yourself,” he said and opened an aperture in one of the barrels. Skillfully he lowered a small ladle into it and offered her a dark, fragrant fluid which looked almost like crude oil.

“C´mon ..try it." He held the ladle close to her lips. Reluctantly she opened them...sweet and sticky, it ran into her mouth and filled it with the taste of grapes, sweet oak and something she couldn’t identify. But she could identify the look he gave her. She knew she would stay.

Outside the cicadas start to sing.
Gia’s large, soft brown eyes looked up to meet his as she darted her pink tongue across her lips, tasting the residual wetness from of the vinegar. She felt the juicy wetness in panties. Gia’s heart beat thumped in her chest.
“Do you like it? Do you like the taste?” His lips moved with slow, steady seduction.
“Mmmmm…yes, surprisingly yes. It’s not what I expected…um, it’s sweeter and not really sour at all…it’s not what I…um...I thought.” Gia stammered as she felt the heat between her legs growing.
“Good.” He whispered and put the ladle down, but never removed his intensive, opaque eyes from hers.
The heated energy between them hung in their air, like the chorus of cicadas that echoed everywhere. He moved toward Gia. Gia’s lips parted again and felt herself swallow the gasp caught in her throat. He lifted his arm and reached for her delicate hand. She felt the slightest touch of his fingers tracing the inside of her sweaty palms. She was nervous. She felt the tickling thrum of her clit. His fingers moved upward toward the steady racing beat of her pulse at her wrist. He smiled at her and moved closer. She couldn’t move. She was paralyzed at the fear of spoiling the moment. He was inches in front of her now, and she smelled the rich, flavorful oils in his skin, mixed with the sultry, pungent air and her own sweet, lust. The sex they had shared came rushing back to her again. Her clit swelled with approval. Brazenly, his lips met hers and he pulled her into him. Gia surrendered without a fight. And she could only hope that it would be days before she would be heading back home again.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

red dawn..

sidney had recently to expirience how what life would be in a nuclear dust storms blowing from the outback made up chaos all over the city...public transport was interrupted, flight problems caused and emergencie calls all day long from people who were suffering from breathing problems...

dr death and the eternal one night stand

since a while there are a lot of discussions going on in germany if it should be allowed or not* for günther hagen aka dr death to show two corpses in sexual positions....even though europe is very open to a lot of sexual stuff we still get a bit nervous and "home baked" when it comes to sex&church and to sex&death....its the whole "it degrades the dead people"-discussion which makes me really mad...but before we go on..lets introduce ourselfes to mister and misses dead couple..or no..not mister and not misses..since those two never had met before you can count that as a one night stand..even though its an eternal one...

51 years old, from the city of mainz, he was a sportsman all his life and you can see a broken leg bone which didnt healed too well

HER: 58 years old, from munich

both: were heavy smoker and died from lung cancer...she signed a contract that she actually wanted to be displayed in sexual poses..due to a promise she gave one which she couldnt make come true during her life (i wonder what kind of promised that was)..he signed a contract which says that dr death could do with his corpse what ever he feels like since he thought of günther hagen as a great artist...

me: i have seen the exibition already a few years ago...and even though i wouldnt go there again to see two skinned off and peeled off people i still think its okay to show them in public...i mean, those two knew whats going to happen to them...they agreed...and i know how.."interesting" people can get about hagens work..a friend of mine who lost her baby due complications through the act of giving birth even said that she would have donored her babys body to hagen if she had knew him back then...too me thats a bit over the top...i could never display my babies body with a drawer in its chest like it was some salvador dali painting..or peeled of like a little shrimp...but thats not what i wanna talk about...this was just a sample about how people think about hagens work and how far they might go...but what about our eternal one night standers...should it be okay to show them in an exibitions spot light or not...tell me your opinion open or anonym..just feel free to speak your mind

Friday, September 18, 2009

A couple of my books and magazines

Just a couple of book and magazine covers which feature my recent work

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


do you wanna know what really drives me up the walls today??? the fact that i try to create a new blog, a german blog since my german readers are about to kill me via email-bombs because i dont write in german anymore, but its impossible since somehow all good names are allready taken..and not only taken but taken by people who createt a blog in 2000 or 2001..who postet exactly on blog-post..something like " heyyyyyyaaaa"..."hello world".." i m so exited because blogger is brandnew and i cant wait to create a site for britney spears as well as for..."...and since then they never postet anything again...what a waste of space!!!...that really makes me angry drives you up the wall??

music made me do it

music made me do it..sounds almost like a common apology sportet by a local psycho after choping his entire family into pieces..doesent it? made me do already a made me crawl across the floor when i was 16 and drank milk out of a bowl just to please my 23 years older lover

music makes me dance in my kitchen

musik made me last summer jump on my window full view for the home for nons/nuns) on the other side of the street...

musik and champagne ,once on a parking place with my cousin while it was raining, made me turn the radio louder..jump out of the car and dance in the rain..shameless

music makes me often cry...and i m sure i m not the only one who likes some good tunes playing while getting down and i?

so..with that knowledge about me and music you can surely imagine that i totally like kenneth capellos ads for you might make big eyes and say who the fuck is kenneth capello...and i make a worried face, shake my gead and say: i have no idea neither...i just dont know him..but the ads are sexy and raunchy and thats why kenneth capello is my hero of the day..thanks ken..

but back to you..tell me..what have you done because of music...what has music done to you....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the cats meow...

its official.. since today i m the cats meow aka alley cat magazines new sex columnist. which was meant to be a one night stand, or better say a one night colum, now turns into a serious relationship since alley cat really likes my work as much as i love their magazin..and so from the october issue on i ll be a regular between their might dont know it but i wrote a popular column for about two years called glamoudrama and which i stopped writing about 2,5 years ago...i recently spoke to donna about how i miss this kind of writing and now i m back and the column keeps even its old lets pop the champagne and celebrate!

alley cat is germanys first erotica magazin for women...its glossy and sexy, a 100 sexy pages strong quaterly magazin full of hot images, sultry editorials, sextips and sextoy reviews...all aimed to make the women accept and love theirself and to explore what makes them happy...if you wanna know more about the smart cats behind this stunning magazin check!..home page at
my colum, entitled "boys vs. girls or why the genders still live on seperatet planets", will be in the next issue and hit the stores end of october

Monday, September 14, 2009

i m blinded by the lights

okay i never really said it..okay i did..but i never really wrote it..ok ok i did that too but i never said nor wrote it out loud here on my blog..but now i do..i hate twillight..both books and movie..i really do..everytime its mentioned in my near i almost growl and howl with disgust...i really tried to like it..i fought my way through the first novel..still i hatet it..i mean..we understood that the vampire is sexy and that bella is happy to have him..but does she has to repeat that every 5 pages? and what about the glitter and shining????..when my friend renata told me recently that she read the book (and usually she only read psychology and philosopie books) i almost puked and spilled my martini on her dress..through my nose actually...
so i hoped for a parrody of the movie..i had something like madtv or scary movie in mind..something both ugly and funny...but last night a evil little bird twittered me that there actually two parodies now..PORN PARODIES...with "this isnt twillight" jenna haze presents the straight version while twinklight is the gay version presented by..err*..white skinned sucking twinks...and since jenna haze sucks too i m sure you guys love it..both..:-)n

for alana

what do you get when you combine my writer friend alanas fav. series TRUE BLOOD with some hot for example..depeche modes new song "corrupt"..exactly..a 3:33 minutes long lasting smile from alana...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

midoris seat of love

while i was surfing the net for news about my favourite bondage artist midori i stumbled across this awsome project of hers made for the seattle erotic arts fetival, it is called the love seat..its a genius piece of art and its so interesting to watch the so called "love seat effect" it has on the visitors of the show...but see yourself in the video below...

about midori (information from wiki in case you dont know her)
Midori (美登里?) is a prominent human sexuality writer, speaker, and sex educator based in San Francisco, California. Her writings and contributions have appeared in many books and magazines. Her specialties include in-depth knowledge of general sexuality as well as alternative sexual practices, including BDSM and sexual fetishism.
Midori was born in Kyoto, Japan of Japanese and German parents and raised in a feminist intellectual Tokyo household.
Midori moved to the US during her teens. She served as a United States Army Reserves Intelligence officer while earning her psychology degree from University of California, Berkeley, and also spent a few years as a sex educator with San Francisco Sex Information. She now travels extensively and gives seminars and classes.
Midori is also active in helping various causes, such as supporting people with HIV and AIDS in the San Francisco community.
Midori's photography, installation art, and performance pieces have gathered acclaim and interest in experimental galleries and venues in London, Toronto, San Francisco, Sydney, and Tokyo.
Midori narrated a CD consisting of six erotic stories called Aural Seductions - Erotic Stories Volume One.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

aids is a mass murderer

a new add / clip produced by Regenbogen e.v. (a national german organization fighting for the rights of aids/hiv patients) splits peoples opinions all over the world into two...a young sexy girl has unprotected sex in a dark room with a stranger who turns out to be adolf hitler...other clips are the same but with saddam hussein and josef stalin in the role of the male sex partner...the hiv support group says it needs drastic and shocking pics nowadays to make people wake up and realize how dangerous hiv still is and that everyone can get infected..i, personaly, think the add is awsome* since i think the very same about shocking images since a long time..people seem to have forgotten about what a high risk unprotected sex is..but what do you think about it

last year there was a anti-aids campaign with pictures of fruits and vegetables covered in condoms..each one with a silly/funny/fresh phrase about the need to protect yourself..what can i say? i hated the add..why does sex education in germany always to be silly/funny?..if i was responsible for those campaigns i d show pictures of men and women dying of aids..i d show the dirty painful truth..i want people to protect theirselves not because its funny but because it saves your live.
aids, since it was found as a incurable desease in 1981, has killed more then 28 millions of both men and this moment live about 60.000 men, women and children infected with hiv only in germany.

see the clip at:

* of course i dont support any glamourizing of the persona of adolf hitler but he surely will focus the public eye on this clip

Saturday, September 5, 2009

support a fellow writer

well..there are many ways to support a fellow writer..for example(the best example actually) by buying their this case i talk about the fab kristina lloyd and her book "gib´s mir" aka "asking for trouble"..i already bought the book a while ago and all i can say is that it is a great as well as scary & arrousing when i came across a book shelf with erotica books today and saw kristinas book in the second row...what could i have done?
when i arrived

since i already had the book at home and didnt had enough time to make other random strangers in the shop buy it i thought that i at least had to put it into the spotlight and arrange it the way it deserves to be arranged...i did that already a while ago with nikkis awsome "manege der lust" too but this time i fortunately had a camera with me..^^
after i left

Friday, September 4, 2009


dont forget your ending:-) my contest keeps on running until next dont forget to send me your hottest, sexiest, wildest & foremost spiciest stories..original contest text see below:

since several people said really nice things about the snippets for the spicy sunday blog tour, i had an idea (if good or not decide yourself)...the snippets for chutney and vinegar were made just for the spicy i have no idea how the stories will end ..why dont you tell me how your favorite snippet ends??...write me, let´s say 150-250 words and tell me how the stories go on...write about anything that comes into your mind..make it hot, sexy, sensual or wild, make it dirty-sweet and win a copy of "surfer boys*" or "girl crazy**" (you can choose which one tickles you more) ...:-)

please send your "ending" to desantiago at gmx .de

*includes my story "sleeping in the sand"

** includes my story "I´ve been around the block, three times, maybe four"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hot hot hot& new: mousse t & suzie do it "all night long"

what do you get when you combine a great producer and a hot rnb singer with a wicked voice? exactly..a hit friend miranda (you ll learn more about her soon)just sent me a link to mousse ts new song (or should i better call it his new pop gem?) and what can i say? i wish the track would have been released earlier since its such a wicked tune which would have been a great summer hit but i m sure it can warm up the cold autumn days too..and just in case you have the feeling that miss suzies face seems to be familiar to you...she was a member of the british rnb group the 411 before and served us such hits as "on my knees" and "dumb" and devotes her sexy voice nowadays to mousse t and his addictive beats...and what a fun video they come up with..check it out yourself

neve naughty and nice

we waited so long but it was so worth it..our sexy funny sweet sensual and inspiring neve black gives us two hot flasher written and read by herself ..not only to hear but to see as hope over grab a seat and shut up..the lady is talking!