Saturday, September 5, 2009

support a fellow writer

well..there are many ways to support a fellow writer..for example(the best example actually) by buying their this case i talk about the fab kristina lloyd and her book "gib´s mir" aka "asking for trouble"..i already bought the book a while ago and all i can say is that it is a great as well as scary & arrousing when i came across a book shelf with erotica books today and saw kristinas book in the second row...what could i have done?
when i arrived

since i already had the book at home and didnt had enough time to make other random strangers in the shop buy it i thought that i at least had to put it into the spotlight and arrange it the way it deserves to be arranged...i did that already a while ago with nikkis awsome "manege der lust" too but this time i fortunately had a camera with me..^^
after i left


neve black said...

Hi Danielle,
I was so fortunate to somehow win a copy of this book from Kristina. This post is so thoughtful of you.

I'm looking forward to diving in and "asking for trouble". :-)

Danielle said...

neve! you make my heart skip and hop and hoolllahoop....:-)))

dive in it and you ll get in trouble since this book is really a big spoon full of hot scenes, images, sultry encounters and anything you can ask has its reason why this books runs and runs since 10..TEN!!!..years..:-)

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's completely brilliant! Thank you so much, Danielle. Excellent work!

Danielle said...

after reading the book that "project" was a labor of love...i m glad it made you laugh..^^

Alana said...

D, yeah, this is a great book. Have my own copy. I loved it.



Danielle said...

@ alana

it is! so intense and its amazing that it rolls and rolls since ten years!