Thursday, July 30, 2009

not much laptopping but lots of fun..

ha you might noticed that i didnt wrote/post as much as i do normaly which is due to the fact that i dont see my laptop that much either..most of the time is dedicated now to my godsons who spend their summer break with me and their other godfather(who is my cousin dirk who is also my best friend in teh whole you can imagine how much fun we all have)...its all about the four of us.."girls" are not we spend our days with minigolfing, amusment parks, summer bobs, zoos, climbing, hiking, cooking (i bought a kids cookbook a while ago and both of the boys love cooking ), we go swimming, visit museums and exibitions, skateparks, theme parks and much more...soon we drive over to the dutch coast/sea for a day ...

our first day we spend almost complete in a corn field labyrinth...where we searched for stamps and letters which we had to form into a code word in the end...
i m not sure if we win anything with that but the boys had so much fun..and me too..:-)

Monday, July 27, 2009


i have to make a weird confession to make..(again!)...when i was younger, younger in this case means 12..i really really liked american psycho..i totally enjoyed it...even though i never admited that until now..its a bad book..yes..but i was 12...and hey somehow i still like it a lot..when the movie came out i was as disapointed as can to say..that was really really a bad movie..even though a lot people say its cult..but then i discovered miles fisher doing this übercool impersonation(?) of c bale....and the song is ok too..:-)..and doesent he look in a few scenes like the real c bale?...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

for alana..

usually i dont do that..usually i dont blog so much about other writers/blog land friends...but since alana is not just only a loveable person / person to love..but an awsome talented writer who breaks my heart as easily as a mokkingbirds egg...she just throws her art like pearls ..shiny black words...feathered words..which cut just right trough me like a lovers razor a knife cuttiung an apricot into two parts...

her work is not "pretty"..i feel like its also not meant to be pretty ..its not entertaining but dont read it delighted and forget about it soon again , her voice is so intense and sharp..dark and moist...she keeps me awake thinking that she knows dark places..she haunts and hunts me with her broken unwrapped soul/flesh..a striptease so intimate it makes me almost cry..she peels off layer after layer ..peels of her coolnes...she skins off herself until its all shown..bloody red and wet and all you wanna do is take her in your arms and tell her that you feel wanna give her something..shelter..respect...something good

please visit her her the books that features her work ...its worth every minute and every penny you ll spend on it

..why that song? because ..i dont know why..but everytime i read her blog it reminds me of that songs lyrics..about the black black heart...beating in the dark

alana..sorry for dragging you in the light..but i just had to write (after todays post on your blog) about you and your work..hope its not rude..if you dont like this post tell me and i ll take it off since i didnt asked you before i wrote it

Thursday, July 23, 2009

just to feel better

I'm gonna try anything to just feel better
Tell me what to do
You know I can't see through the haze around me
And I do anything to just feel better

because there are days when you have to wrestle your demons down...this is the life..all of us need to be somewhere..i ve chosen to be here...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


just the other day i drove over to cologne to meet my friend shanna(visit her @ ) ...and what can i say but that she is such a sparkling and brilliant person to spend time with..the funny thing is that i adore her work since ages and we are blog land/email friends since a while and when we met she totally wasnt a stranger but like a real friend i know and like.... to meet up in person was such an entertaining, wonderfull and funny experience...enjoyed every minute of*..wetter!!!

and darkness came over us..

wow..beautiful picture and all together a mystic and mythical thing: the eclipse...

this was, with 3 hours total and almost 7 minutes of total eclipse, the longest eclipse of the century..

the next eclpise which will be visible from north america will take place in 2011...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

not enough sex...?

i´ve been told that i recently neglected the sex in my of my blog land friends told me this in a really , well, sad email..just as if it wasnt sex but a dog i didnt walk enough or if i wouldnt dress up my child properly...neglected..the should i do what should i do???

ha..i know..i ll translate a snippet of my soon to be released story "deep in the jungle" for you guys & girls..and hope that will satisfy you a bit..neglected..the!! way ma´am....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ladies and gentlemen, neve black

you guys you know i love and writing about it...but do you actually know what you very thoughtful and cool friend ( if you dont mind me calling you that:-) neve black has written a very interesting and also important post about it over at her block...neve is a veggie and even though i m not (anymore) i care a lot about food and nutricion and think its a good thing that she comes up with that subject:

so please..jump over to neves house at :

and read what she has to tell you about it...and maybe you have a minute to tell us about your point of view

marlene duffy / bottleplot

sorry guys but todays post is german only since its all about a german somelliere who broadcast herself on youtube (in german too) so not really usefull for you ..:-() ..but tomorrow i ll be back in english..big(naughty) boy scouts promise:-)

ha...ich bin verliebt..aber sowas von..ich weiß ich weiß..frühling ist schon längst vorbei und um diese jahreszeit sollte ich von spontanen verliebtheitsbekundungen abstand nehmen aber..was kann ich tun?

nun..ich weiß nicht ob ihr wisst das ich total youtube süchtig bin..nicht?..tja, bin ich aber..nicht das youtuben meine einzige sucht ist aber halt eine meiner schlimmsten...was evt auch daran liegt das ich bei youtube so ziemlich alles finde was mich interessiert..naja..nicht alles aber ich guck halt gerne 80ies musikvideos und hausgemachtes aus dem bereich schamlose selbstbewerbung und pers. broadcasting...

meine lieblingsvideos speicher ich natürlich zum wiederholten ansehen..und weil youtube nicht faul ist stöbern die dann gerne zwischen meinen favourites und schlagen mir dann vor ich solle doch auch mal dieses oder jenes video ansehen...was dann meist der größte kack ist den ich mir dann gar nicht ansehen mag..aber es gibt natürlich auch ausnahmen..gestern zb gab es eine ganz tolle: marlene duffy..ihres zeichens hammerharte kick.ass braut und, was noch viel cooler ist, somelliere...noch dazu eine extrem coole weil ganz ohne blüschen und doofer biedermeiersteckfrisur und perlen...super die frau..okay ich koche halt gerne und da ich in einem weinanbaugebiet geboren wurde und nun mal auch gerne trinke interessiere ich mich halt auch sehr für das thema so mehr wenn es nicht total vermottet präsentiert wird a la öde weinverkostung wo alle bieder rumstehen und mit besorgter miene nuss frucht und ganz hinten im abgang auch noch bergamotte riechen/schmecken...okay...das sind dinge die miss duffy auch schmeckt..aber nachdem ich mir gestern nacht in einem monströsen marlene-marathon so ziemlich alle ihre videos reingezogen habe kann ich mit fug und recht behaupten das besagte dame besagte dinge schmeckt ohne öde zu sein..vielmehr entstaubt sie das ganze thema wein in ihre grandiosen sendung bottleplot und macht es für ein durchuas auch jüngeres publikum attraktiv...und äh ja..faden verloren..anyway..ganz tolle frau, ganz tolle sendung, tolle vorschläge mit denen ihr euch sowohl an den supermarkt als auch an den weinhändler eures vertrauens wenden könnt..daher:

gucken und genießen:

ach ja wer irgendwelche fragen zum thema wein hat kann miss marlene auch über

Sunday, July 12, 2009

what "shocking" things have you done?

last year i recieved an email with a questionaire regarding the "shocking" things i have already done or not in my life...back then i posted my list of answers here (in german) and since i recieved the very same email tonight again ( and since there isnt much that has changed about my answers) i decided to post this list again, this time in english.

1) i answer only with yes or no

2)i will not go into details or start to explain something unless you come over and force me to..:-)


did you ever... / have you ever.../ had you ever.../where you ever..

made nude pictures of yourself/let somebody take pics of you while you were nude: yes

earned money in illegal ways: no

a onenightstand: yes

involved in a fist fight: yes

sex with your best friend: no

sex in public/in a public place: yes

called your boss and told him you were sick just to stay in bed and have sex? yes

seen somebody die: yes

fleed from the cops: no

woke up not knowing where you are: YES

wore your lovers underwear: no

fallen asleep at work: yes

used toys in bed: yes

been fired? yes

involved in a car crash: yes

in peril of your life: yes

stripped to music or danced on/at a pole: yes

loved somebody you shouldnt have loved? YES

karaoke: yes

sex with someone and be ashamed about it afterwards? yes

done something you have never thought you would do? yes

laughed so hard that you peed your pants: no ...well..almost..

caught someone having sex? yes

been caught while you had sex? yes

spontaneously kissed a stranger: yes

danced outside in the rain: yes

shaved your partner: no

a vacation love? yes

gave your boobs/ penis a nick name: no

somewhere lost/forgotten your underwear: yes

sex on a roof: yes

exposed yourself in public: yes

sleep nude? yes

a alcohol or drugs induced blackout: yes

sex for more then 5 times a day: yes

had sex with more then 3 different persons a day: yes

been a groupie: yes

downed more then 10 tequillas in a row: yes (if life gives you a lemon..ask for salt and tequilla)

fired a weapon: yes

nude in the outside: yes (if that is the same as exposed myself nude in public)

joined the mile high club: yes*
please copy these questions and answer them in your own blog to our all delight..:-)

*i have to add that toiletts in air planes are very small ( even on a first class flight ) therefore its actually not that easy to join the mile high club..and for what i have done there the mhc just have to accept me as a honorary member...and the cirque du soleil as well....:-)

babushka spears

you can say a lot about britney spears..she is too thick too thin, a virgin a whore..what ever you want her to be she is..for me she is just a girl who sings catchy songs..songs i might dont buy but happen to whistle them sometimes when i m drunk or just in a good mood..and i totally love this babushka-version of hit me baby one more time:


Saturday, July 11, 2009

the guys ..

ha..i m so fucking happy...soon my guys are coming over for sommer break! boys are my seven and eight years old godsons marek and sebastian and they also might be the coolest little boys from here to timbuktu..and both will stay (as usual during hollydays) with my cousin and me (my cousin dirk is their other godfather) and we will have a great time by spending the days with a lot of "men-stuff"..we cook, make trips to luna parks, museums, the woods&lakes, cinema, exibitions, the sea side...and a whole lot more....i almost can taste it..we will have a ball..:-)
*posting this reminds me of that i really have to post a recent picture since my hair has grown so much lately and i m sporting a jew-fro

lately behind dutch borders..

a while ago when i was grocery shopping in a dutch supermarket i passed a rack with stuffed animals which where meant to resemble cocks, pardon, roosters i front of them a sign:

singing ducks!

so i turned around to my cousin dirk and said: look these are no ducks but roosters...

in this moment a supermarket employe (trademark superhotsexycrazywittycool) walked on by and said: uhm dosent matter if they are roosters or ducks..those thingies can not sing anyway!

i just love the netherlands!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

moroccan turkey with apricots & cinnamon

today the weather in germany made a total u-turn and cooled down for several degree..the whole morning was kinda chilli and foggy and also it rained a no salad today...not even one tiny green leave..its a day for a real meal..something rich and substantial...healthy but still tasty..:-)

so i decided to feed you some of my favourite moroccan turkey..i often do this recipe also with chicken meat but since we just had chicken a few days ago i decided to make it in a traditional way..with turkey...

my mother spent a lot time in morocco when she was always was one of her favourite destinations and she never became tired of telling adventurous stories about her travels to this beautyful destinations and always was up to cook some tasty stuff she had learned to prepare there...

okay..this is once more a tasty but still fast done recipes...

you need :

400-500 gramms of turkey meat cut in pieces
a red onion cut into rings
1 tea spoon grounded cumin
half a tea spoon cinnamon ( i always use more since i love the sweet-spicy taste of cinnamon)
1 red pepper/ can be replaced by 1 rea spoon tabasco
a eating spoon ketchup
3 quarters of a tin of chick peas
600 ml of chicken stock
a bit sugar, just for the taste
20 dried apricots
some cornstarch
2 eating spoons of fresh cut cilantro ( make sure that you really like cilantro..i always use a lot of it but most people dont like its special taste)
a big sweet potato cut into half slabs
and some couscous...prepare it the way its been discribed on the box..its easy..i alsways have a little twist and prepare it with saffron, broth or a somered wine instead of ever you prepare it..make sure to put a decent amount of butter in it in the end.. it all ready to hand?..perfect..just put on your favourite music...pour yourself a good glas of wine..and start the whole procedure..get a big pan or a big pot....put the turkey, the onion, cumin, cinnamon, tabasko or red pepper,chick peas, ketchup, sugar, sweet potato and the chicken stock inside...stirr it all up...yes..mix it really good and put the heat on...make it boil..reduce the heat and then let it cook on little heat for say 15 minutes...use the time to drink some choose the right kind of lingerie for you personal 1001 and one night happening tonight..but dont forget to stirr now and then..the food i mean...

now..throw in the apricots ..make it cook again, reduce the heat again and let it cook on small heat for about 15 minutes more until the meat is done..

put the cornstarch in a glas..mixed with water, stirr it properly ( i dont wanna see any clumps) and whisk/mix it with all that great smelling stuff in your pot...make it cook some more while you keep on stirring until the fluid starts to take the pot from the fire..mix the cilantro underneath the dish...and just serve the mofo of a exotic & sexy meal with the couscous...enjoy..really its delicious..:-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

am i ..dirty?

the fab alison tyler is always delighted by checking the words & names people use for finding her page...oldies but goldies are for example hot monkey sex...or german pussy...smut girl...everything you can imagine..usually we think that german pussy is a code for our wonderfull shanna germain..and that smut girl is..well..of course our equal wonderfull sommer marsden aka smut girl...but when alison postet recently that list just to discuss unexpected anal...i was a bit surprised to finde my own name in the middle between "unexpected anal" and " why finger in mans ass feels good"...does that make me offical a porn item?...
ps: i borrowed this list by alison tyler and didnt told her ...i hope thats all right..:-)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

okay..i know..i really cant keep you on salad all week long but..erobintica just dared me too..hehe*

so its another unusuall warm day here in germany and since i seem to join my friend N. on a travel to greece this year we spoke a lot about our greece expiriences before...N. totally loves greece and dont want to go anywhere else..i like greece too..well actually when i first visited greece i hatet it..i spend 3 extremly boring weeks on krete / kreta..which is a very dry and somehow sad island...old men, dogs tied to the roadsides and half builded concrete buildings everywhere..that was the only time in my life that i spend my whole time in the hotel komplex since the outside was so depressing...when i gave greece a second chance and travelled to athens i was already much happier with what was expecting me..athens is a fab city..with a lot cultural stuff going on and a really friendly people even though the traffic is really awfull....i mean if you wanna cross a street..dont pay attention to the travic doesnet matter if they are red or green..just have a look right and left and if there is no car..just run!!! third try for atrip to greece were santorini..and what can i say ?? santorini is such an amazing and beautiful island that there are actually now words to really discribe it...its blue waters..all those little white house who like bird nests glued one glued to the next up the hills ...its lights by night..all the narrow little streets...all the shadows...its just very very santorini is where i learned to prepare a so called sheperd salad..its the usuall greek salad with a delicious twist since santorini is an island and the people there add some mouthwatering octopus to round the traditional recipe...

great thing about this is the fact that its tasty..and done within minutes...and i dont mean martha steward minutes but nigella lawson minutes..:-)
okay..grab your shopping basket because what we need, even though its not much, you might dont have at home...

pickled grapevine leaves
4 tomatos...i just harvested a few of them delicous red thingies out from my garden today
one half of a cucumber
a red onion cut into rings
feta-cheese & bulgarian white cheese as much as you like
black olives
boiled oktopus

for the only need
3 eating spoons of olive oil
lemon juice
dried oregano
...hmm....let me think..okay...first of all take the leaves and put them on a platte..then cut the tomatos into pieces...cut the cucumber lengthwise into two pieces and scratch the seedy part out..goes easily with a sppon..then cut the cucumber into pieces too...and make them join the tomaos in the salad bowl...throw in the olives..cut the cheese into little squares and add them too...chop the octopus and make it follow the cheese...put all the ingrendients for the dressing in a shaker...and..well..shake it..yes..thats right..pour it over the greek mix in the bowl...mix it all good...and arrange it over the leaves on the plate..and καλός πείνα

to pee or not to pee...

over at alisons temple of convessions ( is urolagnia/urophilia the subject of the fetish friday...other might call it golden shower, organic champagne/natural champagne or actually the well known code word "water sports"...but no matter how you call it..the question pee or not to pee...are you a pee-person? am i? if i would get 50 cents for each time someone asked me too pee on them..i couldt get over to subway and get myself a sub of the thats not that much...also my lovely readers ask me about that special fetish again and again...but when alison tyler asked for pee relatet story snippets i just found one (in numbers:1!) single mentioning of urin in my stories...and there ,in my story "the mob", urin isnt even a part of the pleasure but a sign of fear..the character is afraid of whats going to happen to him and wets himself while he is dragged over a dirty basement floor right into the darkness...carmen thomas already told us in her bestseller "urin, a very special juice" that urin actually has many good sideeffects beside pure urin can heal..always stick to the midstream they say...and urin can also arousse someones that i think about it again i remember i startet to write a story which includes urinating as a sign of uncontrolled lust..and a full bladder....but to me urin isnt arrousing the way it is to others...not only that all my sextalk people shy away from that topic like "uhh dont speak about that nasty stuff danielle"..i mean..i actually can understand in an intellectual way why pee is such a big deal for some pee like minded persons..its a big squall of warm body fluid..equal to a huge load of cum or anything similar...(that would be a great possibility to talk about female ejaculation which often gets mistaken as spontanous urinating)...but for me..the idea of my lover urinating on me or the other way around isnt much appealing...some people just go a step further and drink their partners urin...its a very popluar fetish in bdsm and fetish circles and groups...but still..i mean..i once own..under the shower (actually after i read that book by carmen thomas about the curing efect of urin) and even though i stayed to the midstream it was a rather unappetising expirience....and once while i was hiking with some friends one of the girls hurt her foot very bad..a wound full of dirt...and i was close to urinate on it to avoid a infection (since urin is known for beeing aseptic) but stayed away from that since my friends already think of me as a great and warmhearted but still not so sane you can tell i really gave pee a try...but...when it comes to bath room stuff i really need my privacy...i never was a dude who where able to pee just against every tree...i need to be alone actually..i need a door with a key..if there is anyone nearby i let water run (the tap i mean)...and i have a sensitive all that makes me think i m actually not a pee person*...are you? feel free to answer anonymously...
* but a pee friendly person at last :

Friday, July 3, 2009

oh c´mon mom...salad again? are you serious?

i know you guys are tired of me talking about food and salad all the time...but its too warm for other things...salad..and beer..thats all..maybe some cold wodka too...

anyway..i love salad and this actually is more like a cold dish then a usuall green leaved salad thing,,,

so..all you need is:

175 gramms of mixed rice ( wild rice and any other kind you like)

salt, sea salt is just fine

350 gramms of clean, cooked prawns

one mango, in cubes or what shape you like

4 green know..spring onions actually..cut in rings

25 gramms of chopped almonds

fresh peppermint and lemon balm which i grow both in the garden but you can actually buy that stuff pretty much everywhere

freshly grounded pepper
i always add some red peppers to..just for the sharpness which goes along well with the sweet/sour dressing

for the dressing

2 eating spoons olive oil

4 tea spoons lime juice

2 garlic clove, crushed

2 tea spoons of honey, liquid

salt & pepper

cook the rice like..c´mon..dont make me discribe how to cook can do write are able to cook rice...:-) soon as the rice is done..decant the water from the pot..thats where a colander kicks in to be handy..put the rice in a bowl..and let it chill down for a while..when the rice starts to cool down mix it with the prawns...

now you mix all the salad dressing stuff in a cup..whisk it properly...season it and pour the whole delicious sweet-sour sauce over the rice-prawn mix and just fold it*..the sauce i you add the mango cubes, the green onion, the almonds as well as the mint and the lemon balm...blend it all together..season it again with fresh pepper and maybe a bit more salt and..done...its esay and tasty and totally the right stuff for a summer evening...

got kreativity...?

just the other night when i did my nightly blog-cruising i discovered the kreativ blogger award...i was hooked up in the very same moment..i love competitions and anything where you can win something..and i thought to myself " ah..i wish i could be on that list too"..and today when i strolled over to the fab blog of the equaly fab nikki magennis ( i discovered that she had been nominated too for this award..and i also read the list of blogs she had nominated for the award...shanna, gina, janine, charlotte, ella, t de santiago..i clicked the link..and ended up at my own was really me..magical..alchemistical..crazy..i hesitatet from commenting on it since i was afraid that, as soon as i would post a coment, it would turn out i had totally understood something wrong and it wanst actually me who was nominated the end i finally comented ..actually because there was a very sweet question burning on my tongue..anyway..i m nominated..theres an award ..there are rules..rules are: name 7 kreative blogs you enjoy..and list seven things you like... blogs..that will be hard..

because its awsome to read all about her adventures here in europe

nikki maggenis herself /

because she rarely speaks but when she does she just pours out words like pearls...shiny and perfect

because she just started writing (again) and is already such an amazing blogger / writer who always leaves me with my mouth open in front of her words and pretty pretty pictures

just because i read her blog since ages and never get tired of it

because she is just so much fun to read and because the first word that comes up my mind when i think sommer isnt smut but smart

because she is totally what you mean when you say kreative

because bloggerland wouldnt be as much fun with all her blogging plus ..lets be honest..alison is the secret queen who keeps us all together somehow...


that was kinda hard...there are still some more blogs i love..but seats are few and we arent still in high school..if you arent on this list that doesent mean i dont like you lots..:-)

and seven things i like:

sushi at my favourite sushi place where i never have to order because the sushi chef always surprise me with new creations..

desantiago & daughters, and lovers and friends..because without you theres no me

spending all night long with my partners in crime: cooking , eating and talking ..

your i miss touching you..tracing my fingers all of your body...saying all the words i couldnt say with my lips with my fingers instead...i wish i still could call you a friend

writing...obviously..mix words about what has been with words of how it should have writing is truth based on fiction..its my confrontation with my demons

those hot humid and moist nights i always speak when you already can taste the thunderstorm in the i those nights everything is possible..for you as well..

creole and brazilian food

*** if you dont know these blogs, for example you usually just visit german blogs or because of what ever..just hop over..get to them..they are special and a wonderfull world to discover

they dont like me at ikea anymore..

there was this thing that i really craved for my balkony..a mobile..i really cant remember the english word for it but its made of of those thingies on the picture just much cooler in a fab 70ies design..okay...i saw them at ikea in the netherlands ( where i happen to be quite often since i m living only 10 minutes from the dutch border) but wasnt sure it fits on my balkony so i went home..made the meassurments and dicided a few days later that i really need that fucker of a non-sense item and so i drove back to ikea...when i arrived i cound finde any of those mobiles anymore..and so i build up to one of the ikea workes..gave him my kindest smile..and thats what happened:

me( in a very slow voice): do you speak..german? ( i hate to ask that question since no one speaks german normally)

him(with a puzzled look):
me: yesnoyesok?
him: ergh*...
me: pardon?
him: a little bit...

me: great! you had those fab mobiles inhere and they are gone are they now?

him: if it isnt there we dont have them anymore...

me: any chance that you just put them into another shelf or display them somewhere else now?

him: if it isnt there we dont have them anymore...

me: stock? just one?

him: if it isnt there we dont have them anymore...

me: but maybe you can order them?

him: if it isnt there we dont have them anymore

me: okay sir...just one question.please answer it totally you actually happen to know what a mobile is?

him: i...yes????

i really wasnt satisfied with that i grabbed a piece of paper and quickly drawed a mobile, a baby duck (which actually looked more like a t-rex) and a kriketball

me(handing him the drawings): please point on the mobile...dont think!just point!

well..he pointed on the mobile and i really was upset since he really knew what a mobile was and..i just didnt saw myself leaving with the stuff i was needing..

so i turned around and startet to investigate one of those low-price specials..and there..deep burried under frames by the name of söresssonis and cups by the name of klarkejäwied..there where my i grabbed one..went back to him and just said..okay mate..if someone else needs a mobile they are overthere...and he just shrugged his shoulder in such a little girl manner and whisteled "okayyyy" that i just had to burst into laughter....but i think that they dont like me anymore in that store,..because when i came back from paying the damned thing the man was standing there with some other ikea guys and pointed out on me a la "that the worst customer ever"...i just waved back happily...i have a mobile and my godsons will love it..hehe*