Sunday, July 12, 2009

what "shocking" things have you done?

last year i recieved an email with a questionaire regarding the "shocking" things i have already done or not in my life...back then i posted my list of answers here (in german) and since i recieved the very same email tonight again ( and since there isnt much that has changed about my answers) i decided to post this list again, this time in english.

1) i answer only with yes or no

2)i will not go into details or start to explain something unless you come over and force me to..:-)


did you ever... / have you ever.../ had you ever.../where you ever..

made nude pictures of yourself/let somebody take pics of you while you were nude: yes

earned money in illegal ways: no

a onenightstand: yes

involved in a fist fight: yes

sex with your best friend: no

sex in public/in a public place: yes

called your boss and told him you were sick just to stay in bed and have sex? yes

seen somebody die: yes

fleed from the cops: no

woke up not knowing where you are: YES

wore your lovers underwear: no

fallen asleep at work: yes

used toys in bed: yes

been fired? yes

involved in a car crash: yes

in peril of your life: yes

stripped to music or danced on/at a pole: yes

loved somebody you shouldnt have loved? YES

karaoke: yes

sex with someone and be ashamed about it afterwards? yes

done something you have never thought you would do? yes

laughed so hard that you peed your pants: no ...well..almost..

caught someone having sex? yes

been caught while you had sex? yes

spontaneously kissed a stranger: yes

danced outside in the rain: yes

shaved your partner: no

a vacation love? yes

gave your boobs/ penis a nick name: no

somewhere lost/forgotten your underwear: yes

sex on a roof: yes

exposed yourself in public: yes

sleep nude? yes

a alcohol or drugs induced blackout: yes

sex for more then 5 times a day: yes

had sex with more then 3 different persons a day: yes

been a groupie: yes

downed more then 10 tequillas in a row: yes (if life gives you a lemon..ask for salt and tequilla)

fired a weapon: yes

nude in the outside: yes (if that is the same as exposed myself nude in public)

joined the mile high club: yes*
please copy these questions and answer them in your own blog to our all delight..:-)

*i have to add that toiletts in air planes are very small ( even on a first class flight ) therefore its actually not that easy to join the mile high club..and for what i have done there the mhc just have to accept me as a honorary member...and the cirque du soleil as well....:-)

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