Thursday, July 23, 2009

just to feel better

I'm gonna try anything to just feel better
Tell me what to do
You know I can't see through the haze around me
And I do anything to just feel better

because there are days when you have to wrestle your demons down...this is the life..all of us need to be somewhere..i ve chosen to be here...


Alana said...

Do you feel better?

Those demons . . . they make us stronger, right?


Danielle said...

hey A.:-)

yeah its already been better..i just saw somebody from my past the other day and was actually so not ready for that...

and yes..the demons..they make us they know that? would they still haunt us if they knew it?...

anyway, stephen always makes me feel better...and yesterday you did too..:-)

Nikki Magennis said...

It's all fuel for the fire, eh?

Hope you feel better yet, Danielle.

N x

Danielle said...

thank you for the good vibes nikki..its all good..well..good enough at least

yes its fuel for the fire..and what to do when everything burns?..wodka and writing always helps..:-)

Gina Marie said...

Sending big rainbow happiness balls of goodness through the ether to you. Writing, whiskey & getting dirty are my tonic. Take care,

Gina Marie

Danielle said...

gina marie..get them ice cubes out of the fridge..i ll be there in a minute..:-)

thanx for the rainbowy happines and all..:-)

Anonymous said...

Angels and Demons

A constant battle going on in my head.
Internal conflict where plenty gets said.
Fighting to dominate, good against bad.
Feeling happy against feeling sad.
A battle field where I sit on my own.
Surrounded by Angels and Demons who roam.
Seeking to conquer the war of who's right.
The Angels sing out, the Demons they bite.
There I sit somewhere in between.
Irresponsible victim it would seem.

Das las ich vor ewigen Zeiten im Irgendwo des www und Dein Posting erinnerte mich daran.

Machs gut ;-)

Anonymous said...


warum ich heute mitten in der Nacht nicht schlafe und stattdessen Kommentare abgebe?


Danielle said...

das scheint aber ein heftiger anfall von dämononitis zu sein der dich da heimsucht...hoffe du kannst heute nacht wieder besser schleifen..:-)