Friday, July 3, 2009

oh c´mon mom...salad again? are you serious?

i know you guys are tired of me talking about food and salad all the time...but its too warm for other things...salad..and beer..thats all..maybe some cold wodka too...

anyway..i love salad and this actually is more like a cold dish then a usuall green leaved salad thing,,,

so..all you need is:

175 gramms of mixed rice ( wild rice and any other kind you like)

salt, sea salt is just fine

350 gramms of clean, cooked prawns

one mango, in cubes or what shape you like

4 green know..spring onions actually..cut in rings

25 gramms of chopped almonds

fresh peppermint and lemon balm which i grow both in the garden but you can actually buy that stuff pretty much everywhere

freshly grounded pepper
i always add some red peppers to..just for the sharpness which goes along well with the sweet/sour dressing

for the dressing

2 eating spoons olive oil

4 tea spoons lime juice

2 garlic clove, crushed

2 tea spoons of honey, liquid

salt & pepper

cook the rice like..c´mon..dont make me discribe how to cook can do write are able to cook rice...:-) soon as the rice is done..decant the water from the pot..thats where a colander kicks in to be handy..put the rice in a bowl..and let it chill down for a while..when the rice starts to cool down mix it with the prawns...

now you mix all the salad dressing stuff in a cup..whisk it properly...season it and pour the whole delicious sweet-sour sauce over the rice-prawn mix and just fold it*..the sauce i you add the mango cubes, the green onion, the almonds as well as the mint and the lemon balm...blend it all together..season it again with fresh pepper and maybe a bit more salt and..done...its esay and tasty and totally the right stuff for a summer evening...


Erobintica said...

another delicious sounding recipe - and no, we don't tire of food.

I loved this line - you write are able to cook rice.

Danielle de Santiago said...

erobintica long as you dont get tired i ll keep posting about foodie stuff..:-)


Dee said...

Es sieht fantastisch aus. Genau das was man im Sommer bei der Schwüle zu sich nehmen sollte. Aber...fantastisch Aussehen is nich alles ...manchmal sehen Dinge lecker oder toll aus...aber sie haben einen beigeschmack...oder schmecken gar nicht. (Wetten du denkst grad an Rührei?*fg)
Ich bin sicher das dieser Salat genauso gut schmeckt wie er aussieht ;))

Danielle de Santiago said...

ich weiß gar nicht wer du bist du böses kleines dings..:-)