Saturday, July 11, 2009

the guys ..

ha..i m so fucking happy...soon my guys are coming over for sommer break! boys are my seven and eight years old godsons marek and sebastian and they also might be the coolest little boys from here to timbuktu..and both will stay (as usual during hollydays) with my cousin and me (my cousin dirk is their other godfather) and we will have a great time by spending the days with a lot of "men-stuff"..we cook, make trips to luna parks, museums, the woods&lakes, cinema, exibitions, the sea side...and a whole lot more....i almost can taste it..we will have a ball..:-)
*posting this reminds me of that i really have to post a recent picture since my hair has grown so much lately and i m sporting a jew-fro


neve black said...

How fun! Kids keep you on your toes and young as hell!

Enjoy -

Danielle de Santiago said...

hey neve..great to have you here:-)
believe me these two kids really keep me on my toes 24/7...and its all fun..but even me who usually has trouble falling asleep at night..after a day with soon as the last page of "where the wild things live" is done..i fall asleep too!

Elise said...

Oh, neat! I always enjoy a little young company. I rarely get to see my little cousins who are 12 and 9 because they live in PA, but they are awesome. Have a great time!

Elise said...
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Donna said...

Sounds like so much fun, Danielle! I'm sure your godsons will remember these vacations forever and ever. There's something about hanging out with a cool adult who isn't mom or dad that is so magical. What will you be cooking?

Danielle de Santiago said...

yes...i think both of them like the parent free time..just as we did as a child..didnt we?

actually i have 3 cookbooks for children here and during hollydays the boys can choose each day what we´ll cook together..especially marek loves cooking..his favourite meat ball spaggetis and cream cheese filled cherry tomatos..:-)