Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome into my house..

welcome into my house come alone and follow me...

..throw your coats and handbags..and your underwear of course..on my bed and make yourself feel like isnt one of "those" superintellectual talk while i say something like "i can taste green* white bread in my wine" no no..its the finale of the Spicy Sunday Blog Tour and its all about having fun..laughing and eating...take a seat..feel comfortable while i see what i got for you...

but before we start the fun...i have to say that i am so happy to have you all here (i know you come on mondays , wednessdays, fridays ect as well but today you came to party:-)...when i dived into this part of blogland i was totally flashed by all of you wonderful and inspiring people...because i knew most of you before by your stories and books and even discovered new and awsome artists here...i wanted to be part of this comunity so bad..and i wanted to stay...and you let me...when i discovered the spicy sunday blog tour i thought that it was a great idea and a lot of fun..and wished i could take part in it..which i told donna without knowing that she and marina where the awsome minds behind the tour...and donna said oh no problem..whats the spice of your can join us..and now..i am the finale...which makes me a bit afraid...what do you expect? eating sushi from the naked bodies of delicate asian girls? truffels and leaf gold served by black muscled servants...arabian belly dancers feeding you fork by fork with feasans and quails?...i hope not..because i ll serve you chutney..and oil...and vinegar..i ll post it in three chapters (plus a little contest in the end : and i hope you will like what i made up for you...

..and of course you know all that i wasnt meant to be the grand finale of this wonderful tour..but even though i m so fucking happy that its me (yes above i said afraid but..i m happy-afraid) i want to think for a moment of the awsome person who was meant to be the original host for today but couldnt make it unfortunately...stay strong!

...and maybe you wanna know why i have chosen chutney...i tell you why...even though its still summer..but when you step out on your balkony really early in the morning you can smell this almost bitter arome in the air..and when you sit in the evening on your deck you notice that sundown is earlier and earlier each day..nights are getting can taste it...autumn is comming...and this is the time of the year where i start to make chutney..a few weeks where its sure that when you call me in the evening that i ll say " gosh i m tired i made 6 kilo of fig-chutney today."..the next day it will be the same the only difference is that it ll be mango-chutney or peach-chutney...another chutney every day...i do this since i was a boy of the age of 6 or favourite aunts always cooked marmelades and chutneys and i loved it when i was allowed to come into their big kitchen and help..they would tie a towel around my waist and let me stir and cream the cooking marmelades or let me help to cut the peaches into small pieces...for days and more days the house smelled like cooking sugar...with the sour sweet twinge of vinegar or the fruity fresh arome of lemons and aunts didnt spoke much..but you could feel they where happy...there was a lot of laughter in the kitchen and my aunts drank wine or homemade cherry liquor while i drank cherry or plum juice from a wine glas....since both of my aunts died i ll cook the marmelade and the i do it in my own kitchen..sometimes alone..sometimes with my sister jadine..this year i teached my godsons how to prepare brambleberry marmelade the way my aunts always did it..we where standing in my kitchen and marek and sebastian were stirring the cooking dark redness of the marmelade with the very same cooking spoon my aunt ikla always used...i said "not so much sugar.. aunt ikla always made sure that there is a bit of sourness in the marmelade" while i mussed up his hair..i cant discribe that moment but it gave me sting...this bitter-sweetness you feel when you miss someone and you know there is no way you ll ever meet again...i wanna meet my aunts to them, drink with them and touch their faces...thats why i cook chutneys and marmelades..thats why i prepare oils and vinegars the way they did all their lives...when my aunts died i took wooden spoons, bowls and knives from their kitchen...i went home and searched for a place for them in my own house...i have two books with their recipes for spice-mixtures, chutneys, marmelades and all the dishes and meals they liked to cook...but i havent all their recipes..sometimes when i want to cook something the way they did i close my eyes and i m a child again..i see their hands cutting the meat and puting it in the marinade..i smell the fresh grounded pepper and i remember how they let me lick the honey off of the spoon..most of their recipes i could cook by heart but still i need those books..i run my fingers over their handwriting and the stains left by all the soups and meals they year i found a sage leaf inbetween the last pages of one of the of my aunt must have put it in there years ago...sometimes jadine and i cook together...we go to buy the ingredients and stand side by side and cut all the things we bought...we dont need to speak a lot..we both think of our aunts..jadine was seven when my first aunt died and now in the age of twenty she still remembers you remeber that purple sun hat aunt ikla always wore(shit..i had confused whore and wore..thats..i m..blushing all over) in the garden?..both of us start to giggle and i pour another glas of wine for both of us...the kicthen smells like rosemary and thyme and red onions...soon the meal is done..we stand next to the oven and think about our aunts...they are alive...

so..i hope that wasnt too cheesy but i really had to tell you why i serve you chutney today...did you all brought your spoons?...okay..let ´s start...:-)


Dropping her handbag on the seat next to her, she let her gaze glide out of the train window…shadows infiltrated with spots of lights and the colors of Berlin blended before her eyes into a blurry mix of bright and dark…her reflection on the smooth surface showed her messy hair , her lips all naked now the lipstick had gone, her glowing eyes. Nervously she looked at her watch. She would be late and she knew she would have to answer questions about where she had been.

Where have I been?

Her thoughts went back to the beginning of the night. She wore her best dress and new stockings when she entered the elevator. She wore her favorite pair of high heels, the shiny black ones with the red soles, but she didn’t wear her glasses and so she had to narrow her eyes until they were almost closed to see her reflection in the shiny steel wall. Good. She exhaled. She was looking good…at least ok. He will like what he sees. And of course this wasn’t a date…we are just friends, she thought, he just had invited her to spend some time talking and drinking and...and what? What did she really want it to be? Could she tell him the truth...could she tell him about her fantasies? No, never…how could she tell anyone about her dreams?

The hallway smelled like pears and thyme when she left the elevator and walked towards his open door. Inside, dark wooden floors, white walls and modern art was the backdrop for white sofas and a lot of chrome all over the apartment. “I’m here…” he yelled from the back of the apartment—where the kitchen would be? Elena walked through the shadows of the corridor until she could see the lights underneath the not fully closed kitchen door.

you already know why i cook chutney but did i also say that i really love that sticky spicy-sweet stuff??? yes i taste perfect when its served cold together with grilled meat or can even use it to prepare salad souces or can eat it just with baguette or fresh country bread or along camembert or other kinds of can use it with wok vegetables and..actually i could eat it with almost i said..i really love it..but for now i dont wanna make you wait any favorite chutneys..

you need...

2 kilo plums cut into small pieces
2 onions cut into rough cubes
2 apples cut into rugh cubes
200 grams chopped tomatos
2-3 gramms of freshly grounded ginger
cinnamon as much as you like
2 garlic cloves
1-2 eating spoons of salt
500 ml of vinegar ( for example balsamico bianco)
400-500 grams of sugar (depending on how sweet you want your chutney to be)
3 cl whiskey
black much as you want

cook it all together, blend and whisk it very well until it has the texture of really thick marmelade
now fill it into (sterilised)twist-off glasses
turn the glasses upside down (when they are closed of course) for about 5 minutes


you need..

250 grams fresh apricots cut into fine cubes
250 grams tomatos cut into fine cubes
200 grams carrots cut into thin stripes
200 cl wine vinegar
75 cl apricot juice ( you also can use peach juice which gives a different tasty taste)
2 small spoons of curry powder
some chili
250 grams of canning sugar
salt & pepper

just cut it all into small cubes and thin stripes and blend it in a pot together with the other ingredients...cook it for 10 minutes ..stirr the mixture properly the whole time and then fill it into glasses..turn the glasses upside down for about 5 minutes


you need...

16 peaches / peeled and cut into small pieces
1000 grams of red onions cut into small cubes
500 ml aceto balsamico
833 grams brown sugar
salt & pepper

okay..this one is really easy too..just cut the peaches into quartes..then peel them (which isnt easy but ugly) and go on with cutting them into small so as well with the red onions...
now blend peaches, onions, sugar, balsamico and the spices in a pot and cook it up...maybe somekind of foam will apear...if that is the case you got to*..words are leaving me..just put the fucking foam off your chutney..:-)...keep on cooking the chutney on low heat for 1 1/2 put it in the freshly sterilised glasses..turn it upside down are done!!!


you need...

500 grams soft figs cut into small pieces (use dried ones because they have a wonderful arome in this case)
125 grams dates (dried, without core) cut into small pieces
350 grams of red onions cut into small cubes
250 ml aceto balsamico
1/2 spoon salt
2 eating spoons oil
1 eating spoon of paprika powder
1 small sppon of dijon mustard
1 small spoon of fresh ginger
200 ml of redwine vinegar
300 ml water
250 grams of canning sugar
1/2 spoon of cutet tarragon
1 1/2 spoons honey (or more if you like it to be more sweet)

now..start with the balsamico..cook it until it starts to reduce and get aware..the steam
heat the oil in a pot and braise the onions lightly..add the figs and the dates..braise them lightly too...add the balsamico..the salt, paprika, mustard and ginger..stirr it properly for a minute or two..then add the water and the redwine
add the canning sugar..keep on stirring it and cook the mixture up for 3 minutes...add the terragon and the if you like it chunkey you can keep it like that..if not just pull your stir-stick through the mixture..then fill it into glasses..put them upside down..and pour yourself another glas of wine..:-)

and now my favorite chutney ... pear-thyme-chutney

you need..

550 grams of pears
100 grams brown rock sugar
150 ml apple vinegar
100 grams of white onion
1 eating sppon of corn core oil
2 cl vermouth/ martini..if possible noilly prat
5 branches of thyme
a small spoon of salt

peel the pears, cut out the*..inner part / seeds...cut them into small pieces
blend them with the sugar and the vinegar in a bowl and let the mixture rest for 30 minutes
now cut the onion into small pieces and braise them lightly in the corn core oil..deglaze the oinon with the vermouth and then pour the pears-rock sugar-vinegar mixture over add the thyme..and make the blend cook on small fire for about 30 minutes..stirr it from time to time so it wouldnt burn...
now take the thyme branches out of the pot...add the salt..and fill it in sterilised glasses..turn them upside down..and give me a call to invite me to try your version of my favorite chutney...

and here are some pics of the chutneys:


Gabrielas Oil (excerpt)

I was quite exhilarated from the heaviness of the wine, and the intense aromas of the spices and the lemon zest intoxicated my senses. I mixed the delicious-smelling blend into the now lukewarm oil und stirred it carefully, then transferred the whole mixture into a big-bellied bottle in which wine had been pressed. I poured the golden fluid so fast that I spilled a bit over the edge of the bottleneck and all over my fingers. With relish I rubbed my hands against each other just to savor the silky and coaxing texture of the oil. Like a ghost, Gabriella appeared in my kitchen. Her image was burned into my mind and I saw her dark, wavy hair, her eyes which glowed like coals, her broad hips and her strong, paint covered fingers, just as if she were standing for real in front of me. Lust tiptoed into me like water soaking into a sinking ship. My fingers were shaking a bit when I stripped off my jeans and the blouse just to drop them carelessly on the kitchen floor. I carried the bottle full of warm and fragrant oil with me when I turned towards the bathroom. I covered the edge of the bathtub with a folded bath towel. I turned around and looked in the mirror: my breasts, my hips, the black and bluish nest of pubic hair. I reached for a bobby pin and pulled my long curls up into a messy knot. I’m ready, I thought, and climbed into the bathtub.

okay..i told donna that i serve you chutney..well first i wanted to cook creole..then we decided chutney would be perfect since we both love chutneys a lot..but then i thought i want to add some oil and vinegar since i love to use selfmade or better self scented and spiced oil in the kitchen...this oil in the story is a lemon oil i made since ages and it was also always made by my aunts...its as easy to make as much as it is very tasty and it has a very fruity and fresh taste without having any acid in it...all you need is a big bottle..lemon cest from organic lemons as well as an litre of canola/colza oil (you can do this with olive oil too but canola oil has no taste of its own and tends to stay fresh for a long time)...heat the oil up a bit (dont make it cook) put the lemon cest in it and pour it in the bottle..if you wnat to you can ad also some lemon pepper...keep it in a dark place for two weeks..then sieve the oil so that nothing is left inside...when you have lemon cest again just put it in and restart the procedure...trhe more often you will do it the more intense the taste will be...its perfect for salads and fish dishes as well as for baking and similar things....


Room 244
She drove four and a half hours from Rome to Modena just to see him again. The road was empty and dusty during the last two hours of the way, and along the sides old olive trees alternated with stalls tended by old fragile women who sold strawberries and apricots underneath the roaring sun. She still could taste the dust when she stepped out of the car and pushed up her sunglasses.

His house wasn’t just a house, but more like a big old manor with roofs made of red. weather-beaten shingles crouching above old rotten walls with closed shutters. We always close the shutters during the day. He would tell her later, it was just to keep the heat outside. He didn’t know that she brought a certain kind of heat when he opened the door and let her in. After all they had done that night in the little hotel near the Fontana de Trevi, he behaved strangely pure and chaste now.

“Do you want to see the vinegar?” he asked her.

“The what?”

“The vinegar my family makes,” he answered with a look from his dark, gloomy eyes.


She followed him, and when they left the house the heat bit into her like an animal. Soon they went into the storehouse where he led her along between hundreds of barrels. A mild but still sour scent swirled through the air and bedazzled her mind while he kept talking about the small family business and the vinegar, about Trebbiano grapes and how they had grown them for generations on their own ground.

Gia felt tired. This wasn’t what she had in her mind when he had called her and asked if she would come to his house to see him again. She remembered the night they had met...the looks he had given her..and how they ended up in the wild garden of an abandoned house in the suburbs of Rome...the song of the cicadas in the high grass as he opened her blouse and pulled up her skirt over her waist...the heat of his cock against the inside of her thighs and how sweet and spicy his saliva tasted as his mouth met her lips and his tongue melted into her. She came hard and fast in a way she had never experienced before. She just had to take him back to her hotel room and now he...

“Do you wanna try some?” he asked.

“Pardon, I was thinking about something else,” Gia excused herself when his voice brought her back into reality.

“I asked if you wanna try the vinegar,” he said once more, giving her a patient look.

“Oh, no..thank you..but I don’t like sour tastes,” she said, lifting her hands to show that she really wasn’t inclined to try it.

“But it’s not’ have to taste it yourself,” he said and opened an aperture in one of the barrels. Skillfully he lowered a small ladle into it and offered her a dark, fragrant fluid which looked almost like crude oil.

“C´mon ..try it." He held the ladle close to her lips. Reluctantly she opened them...sweet and sticky, it ran into her mouth and filled it with the taste of grapes, sweet oak and something she couldn’t identify. But she could identify the look he gave her. She knew she would stay.

Outside the cicadas start to sing.

i know a lot of people who dont like vinegar, for example maike my godson mareks mother told me just the other night that she actually hates the taste of do you prepare your salads i asked her sheepishly..with lemon she answered in a tone as if i had to know this fact after we are friends since she was fifteen...
anyway..i like it..i remember that i often dipped pieces of fresh cucumber into vinegar and ate it this way when i was a child..i loved the acid and sourness as well as the refreshing texture of the cucumber...

allready the romans, egyptians and the persians made vinegar as well as the mesopotamians wrote about "sour beer" which seemed to be vinegar as well...
if you look vinegar up in a lexicon it will tell you that "vinegar is made from the oxidation by acetic acid bacteria of ethanol in wine, cider, beer, fermented fruit juice, or nearly any other liquid containing alcohol"..which sounds extreme complicated and so not fun nor sexy...thats why my recipes for vinegar in the kitchen are all very easy
..all you need are herbs, spices and some decorative bottles..and always make sure that the fluid covers the ingredients..

garlic vinegar

1 small branch of thyme
1 small branch of basil
6 garlic cloves (or more if you like it)
1 small spoon of white pepper corns
1/2 litre white wine
100 grams of vingear essence

just wash the herbs, dry them propperly, peel the garlic and blend it all together with the wine and vinegar and put in the bottle..done!..keep it somewhere dark and cool.

lemon-balm vinegar

2 branches of lemon balm
1/2 litre white wine as well as 100 grams of vinegar essence OR the same amount of balsamico bianco

just clean the lemon balm and mix it with the easy but very tasty for salads with wild herbs like rocket salads


3 eating spoons of green pepper corns out of the glas
3/4 litre of wine vinegar

i know i know..its so simple that i m almost scarlet for offering you such a simple recipe*..did i already say that its sharp/hot taste is really intense and delicious??


2 branches of rosemary
1/2 litre of red wine
100 grams of vinegar essence
perfect for all kinds of salads since itgives a strong mediterranean taste..

that´s you know my favorite recipes for chutneys, oils and vinegars..i really hope you enjoyed this fest of many spices we met already before blend together...i also hope you try one or two of the recipes yourself and tell me how you liked them...

happy spicy sunday blog tour 2009..i hope for another great tour soon..:-)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


ps: since several people said really nice things about the snippets i had an idea (if good or not decide yourself)...the snippets for chutney and vinegar were made just for the spicy i have no idea how the stories will end ..why dont you tell me how your favorite snippet ends??...write me, let´s say 150-250 words and tell me how the stories go on...write about anything that comes into your mind..make it hot, sexy, sensual or wild, make it dirty-sweet and win a copy of "surfer boys*" or "girl crazy**" (you can choose which one tickles you more) ...:-)

please send your "ending" to desantiago at gmx .de

*includes my story "sleeping in the sand"

** includes my story "I´ve been around the block, three times, maybe four"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the no-age

"die young and leave a beautiful corpse" a famous painter once said to my mother...that was back in the grandmother married as a 29 year old virgin..that was 1940 i think...back then she was what you called old...sharon stone graced the cover of the latest issue of the paris match magazine...the title reads "j´ai 50 ans, et alors" which you could translate loosly as " i m what!"..a while ago i spoke to my artist friend minerva as well as to our writer friend donna about age...minerva told me she left her lover because he told her she should be more settled, less active..more like a woman in the age of i old? she asked me sitting over our martinis in a bar in aix la chapelle...i was surprised about that donna i thought that it was allready official that 50 isnt old anymore...when i was a child a woman of 50 looked like a woman of the age of 50..and yes, back then you were old ...but now that people keep on living that you can see sophia loren in the prelli calendar..a beautiful woman of 80 years..age has shiffted and changed...when i say that women today dont have to look old anymore i dont speak about the people who try so hard to look young...i speak more about this kind of woman that i call "the no-age women" see those women arent 20 anymore..they also not 30 or 40 anymore..but you cant point your finger and say "minerva you are 53"..simply because she doesent look "that old"..sure she has some wrinkles..because she laughs a lot..and sure she has whole lot of grey in her once black mass of hair..but still she doesent look old..she looks like an attraktive woman in her best years...still so many women are afraid of aging..the think about aging as a desease..but why? maybe for men 50 isnt the best age..but for women its a good time..many female friends told me how much better their sexlife is since they turned 50...and a few of them even started a new life..a new love..a new carriere...i m what...50 isnt the end anymore..50 is the middle...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

like a virgo...:-)

i just came back from my trip to hamburg (which was awsome even though the road was a big mess of hundreds of construction sides along the way)..and what did i found out?? that the sexy neve black gives me her equally sexy book Sex through the Zodiac as a present,..she doesent know it yet but its gonna be a b-day present for me since i m a virgo ..:-)

and if you dont know yet about neves awsome is a taste:
“There was a light tap on the front door and I hit the play button on my CD player before opening the front door; letting Charlie Parker’s fluid saxophone infiltrate my apartment. Charlie Parker was also a Virgo. I opened the door, just slightly so Pluto, the escape artist couldn’t get out. Jack was standing there, holding a bag of Chinese take-out and a smile. He wore a pair of jeans, a simple white tee-shirt, black leather jacket and tennis shoes. He looked comfortable and effortlessly sexy.

“Please come in.” I said, flashing my blues and pearly whites. I suddenly realized why I cared so much what I looked like. I still had feelings for him. His visit to my house could be trouble for me. I had a number of zodiac signs to still have sex with and I wasn’t sure if seeing Jack wouldn’t somehow reignite the deep emotional feelings I had for him; derailing my New Year’s resolution goal.

Virgos have discriminating taste. It’s a compliment to any zodiac sign if a Virgo finds you interesting enough to want to spend time with you. Knowing this, I felt his immediate earth sign warmth as he walked through the front door.

We both sat down on the floor, sipping cold beer while we laughed; catching up over the months we hadn’t see each other. It felt as if we picked right back up from where we had left off. The couch was up against our backs, and opened cartons of Chinese take-out were strewn all over the coffee table in front of us. Jack’s eyes met mine and I moved closer to him; his scent penetrated into my brain, “God. I love the way he smells.” Our pant legs touched and electricity shot through my body.

“I’ve missed you, Roxy.” He said kissing the top of my head.

“What have you missed about me the most?” I whispered wickedly as I pushed the coffee table’s legs across the carpet; giving me enough room to straddle his lap; like a cowgirl who’s been away from her horse for too long.

I pressed my breasts against his chest; my nipples ached as they hardened. He wrapped his arms around me; holding me tightly. I pushed myself up and our lips met; kissing softly and then harder, and faster. His cock flexed behind his jeans and I felt my cunt getting wet….”
What more do we know about these discriminating earth signs other than what Roxanne describes for us above? Who out there reading this is a Virgo? Who knows a Virgo? Care to describe what you know about a virgin?

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yaye! i m off to hamburg for the weekend which will be a 1000 km ride (both ways) and actually i dont really have the time for the trip because of a lot of stuff i have to do* soon as i ll be back i ll start to clean the house and heat up the oven..because there will be a big party very wish me luck for the trip and please keep on comenting in the " i need your point of view"-post since i still need yours eyes and minds..:-)

Friday, August 21, 2009

i need your point of view...

i m back! yes i am..after weeks of fun, trips, amusment parks and museums with my two godsons i m finally back here and of course the boys and girls in the basement start to work immediately ( to quote both s. king and shanna)...and what can i say..i need your help...and your point of view...i m working on an essay about the difference between male and female lust...tell me...what do you think what the diffeences are..coment here or write to me at desantiago @ gmx. de

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the lovely bones

oh ..i so cant wait this movie to hit the cineams and theatres..i so love the trailer ..reminds me of "what dreams may come"...the cast is amazing and the trailer looks outstanding...
when i discovered this trailer today (i didnt knew that the book would be turned into a film) a lot of memories came back to me ..memories from a time so long ago..the time when i was with J...j was a 42 years old, wodka and xanax addicted american script writer/ film maker..and J. was my lover...j. always send me books when we couldnt be together (j lived in london i lived already in aachen)..beautiful books (each one with a lovely dedication)i didnt knew by then, like for example white teeth, under the skin, astonishing splashes of color, middlesex, the virgin suicides and lovely bones...lovely bones was the first book and i brought it to paris when we were there for j´s work and for hollydays..we had a apartment on the rue st louis(only 20 minutes from where i had lived as a kid) ...and from the living room window i could see the old boys school(it was so close i almost could reach over the street and touch it) was during fashion week and we went to see the shows of dior and the first solo show by john..we drank all the time..j broke a finger..all drunk and clumsy..we strolled through paris by night..snow all over us...explored book restaurants..partied in the bars and almost every night in the plaza athene..we met many famous people who all seemed to be friends from j´s past.and meanwhile i was reading the lovelybones..this amazing and heartbreaking book...j wrote "the first book into the right direction" had bitten us like a hungry mouth into a ripe, heavy plum..our love was purple by day and viole(n)t by night...i remeber the steam of our love making fogging up the, jeans and underwear torn apart from our hungry bodies...i remeber that i looked out the window while i came and my eyes me the starring eyes of this person standing on the schools balcony...i read the lovely bones..we went to celebrate chinese new year close by la place de la concorde...and the whole time i carried a travel diary (each day j wrote a coment/statement of the day in it) with me..eager to make this time keep a proof that i have been there..actually this affäre markes a moment in my life when a lot start to change and when my life became what it is now...


day one

i dont wanna bore you with stories about my clumsyness but just the other day i had a little accident..i dont wanna bore you with details but i have fallen down really bad on the tiles in my hall way and not only i hit really hard with the back of my head on the ground ( which was like : ohhh pain..dont one hears the energy and keep on breathing) but i also had a mean long scratch ( when i got up the skin i had lost was still atached to the thing which had caused the scratch..ugly!!!)..which was okay yesterday..i sterilised the wound with a good old wodka..from inside..and then with some more wodka from the outside...but when i woke up today the wound looked even worse...i guess i need a nurse..i prefer naughty over nice..:-)

day two

Thursday, August 6, 2009

naked make me sick...

actually i m a very peacefull person, ok that might not be true but in generell i get along with people very good and with animals even better...but there are certain groups of people who make me loose my temper..for example people who dont care well for their children and pets..not well in this case also includes "wrong" as in too much tv for kids or bad food for animals...and i also have a problem with all those breeders who are busy to change color, shape or race of certain kinds of animals as cats, dogs ...and in this case ginea breaks my heart to see those little creatures known as skinny pigs (they are already all over canada, usa and norway while they are still unknown in germany/europe)..they are very sensitive to temperatures, get sick a lot and die often much earlier then the "normal" ginea pigs...they are the result of a mutation which has been kept and breeded until this new race was developed..for me that is simply animal abuse..isnt it?..i dont know how you guys feel about this but i think its wrong to mess with nature and different from this posts title its not the skinny pig that makes me sick but its creator...
plus when i listen to the babyspeech the woman in the video is talking in to the animal it makes me wanna ..ah..i cant say it..but maybe you wanna share your opinion about the whole subject..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dirty sweet...

i know i know..lately i didnt served you much about sex, drugs and rock n roll ...but that will change...soon!..i got something for you..and i m sure you gonna love it..its hot..its new..its miranda...stay tunned for more..:-)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


today we had the first really rainy day so we had to finde some indoor place to entertain they boys..our choice of entertainment was..after a hop over the dutchborder the so called "kids-city"...a whole day of water rollercoasters, trampolin, caroussels, climbing, air hockey, bumper car,koi feeding slides and i dont know what all...which wasnt so awsome for me but for the kids..on our way back we made a stop at ludwig forum ( a side project of the ludwig museum our lovely shanna just had visited) for a exibition of graphics and pop art as well as naturalistic paintings...both kiddos werent so interested in the exibition until they found headphones were you could listen to an audio file of an hour of mechanical digger noice...then they were all "ohhh great we love art"..:-)

most funny moment today: when the boys passed a naked statue of a was realistik artwork from the the women was in "full hair"..the boys asked me why she is so hairy in her private area..and i couldnt say anything but "oh..she*..hiding a beaver!!!..for a second that was funny but then i remembered my responcability as a godfather (ha!)to educate this two little humans the right i made a short puberty explanation..and really scared the boys when i told them that they will grow some hair too when they are in a certain age..which was like..

beard..oh wow!!!cool!!..arm pits..oh..really? are you sure??...pubes..oh no no no thats we dont want that oh no no...we have to puke

Saturday, August 1, 2009

a night walk @ the devils mountain

today we decided to make a night walk with the kids..for that tour we choosed the devils mountain where we have been before with marek we took our flashlights and went up the hills as soon as it was dark..on the devils mountain is a special way/path where a local artist exibits an artwork called "the ghosts of the devils mountain",,,its a beautiful work (even though it looks a lot like blair witch project decoration )which exposes its beauty especially by night..all the bones, skulls, little flowers, butterflies and other glimmery and shiny stuff is just to fascinating when the flashlights rip it out of the dark...

ps: the little blue and white things on the first picture are little plastic horses riding through the lovely..

you want to know how the devils mountain got its name?..okay..thats a longer story ..:-) first have a look at the pics of the devils statue and the farmers wife..okay... aachen is known for its cathedral--and when they start to build it it took years and years and it never was carl the great made a deal with the devil..the devil would finish the cathedral and as a gift the first soul, walking through the gates, would belong to the the cathedral was finished over night but carl didnt want to send a human beeing to hell..and so they catched a wolf and mad eit run through the gates..the devil was so angry that he smashed the door and went away...the next day he came back..with a huge sack/bag full of sand with which he wanted to burry aachen under sand..he could barely carry it..and he went on and on in aachens direction when he met a farmers wife..he asked her how far it still was till aachen..but the smart farmers wife recognized the devil..and so she pointet down on her broken and dirty shoes and said: see my shoes?.when i left aachen this morning the ystill where new..thats how far it is...that made the devil so upsed that he smashed the sand bag on teh cracked open and all the sand poured out..thats how the devils mountain came into beeing..i told shanna about this mountain here are some matching pictures i did during the night walk