Saturday, August 1, 2009

marina st basilicious...

i m unfortunatelly not here tomorrow since i ll spend the day outdoors with my cousin and my godsons but wanted to remind you that tomorrow the summer spice blog tour is hosted by the wonderfull marina st clare who does one of my favourite herbs-spices: basil...god, i really really love that intense arome of that pretty green matter if its thai-basil in a curry dish, basil with strawberries and balsamico, red basil in my salads or the classic way as in basil-mozarella and godson marek loves that combination too and i m already thinking about getting some for our picnic..:-)

so make sure that you visit our sexy basil fairy marina at :

i ll drop in later tomorrow night..:-)


Marina said...

Thanks, Danielle! Have a great time with the kids - we'll see you when you get back!

Danielle said...

marinayou are always..loved your basil post..:-)

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