Friday, August 7, 2009


day one

i dont wanna bore you with stories about my clumsyness but just the other day i had a little accident..i dont wanna bore you with details but i have fallen down really bad on the tiles in my hall way and not only i hit really hard with the back of my head on the ground ( which was like : ohhh pain..dont one hears the energy and keep on breathing) but i also had a mean long scratch ( when i got up the skin i had lost was still atached to the thing which had caused the scratch..ugly!!!)..which was okay yesterday..i sterilised the wound with a good old wodka..from inside..and then with some more wodka from the outside...but when i woke up today the wound looked even worse...i guess i need a nurse..i prefer naughty over nice..:-)

day two


Erobintica said...

Hell Danielle (oops, that rhymes, sorry) - that looks nasty. Hope it heals up quickly.

Nikki Magennis said...

Ouch! Hope you're okay, Danielle, and that you've got enough vodka for the pain there.

Danielle said...

@ robin..
yeah it rhymes indeed..:-) i hope so too..and i hope no scar will be left since i have already another scar from last week when my godson sebastian and me rode the slide of

Danielle said...

@ nikki

i m doing okay..and if there is one thing i never run out of its vodka..and

and if it happeneds i ll come over to your house and see if you got some scottish balm for my damaged arm..and ego...:-)

Marina said...

Ouch! Hope it's better soon!!

Danielle said...

@ marina

i hope so too!!! there is another week full of adventures with my twoboys in front of me..i ll need both arms!!!...:-)

Jo said...

It's Jo... stalking in the past...

I just read your comment about the slide of death, and I was smiling and then smiling even more at never running out of vodka and ketchup but then I read 'scottish balm' and got instant involuntary FROWNY EYEBROWS.

Oh yes.