Thursday, October 29, 2009

do you play safe?

do you have safer sex?
just the other day our friend craig had this scary er* funny safer sex clip on his blog
which brought me back to the thought of safer you have safer sex? i dont...well i do in real life..always...i m part of the generation which is grown up with condoms..i m used to use those little lifesafers..but on page..on the page i never use you?..i dont know..there is no space in my stories for condoms...i know some of you write about condoms..for example nikki does..but what about you others?
a while ago i postet something about safer sex.. which seemed uninteresting for the reading crowd...but this time i really wanna safe do you write? and should we write about condoms to be good role models?
Erobintica made a really interesting point in her coment on this post: would readers actually read our stories if all of them were safe? I remember i saw a documentary about the porn industry a while ago and there was a lot talking about that porn which does feature safer sex dont sells as much as porn which features "bare" sex...would it be the same with erotica? keep on telling me your point of view..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

innocence lost

i m very open to the subject of prostitution..actually i got banned from class for 10 days when i was 14 and we spoke about prostitutes with our teacher and i said that i think prostitution is a job like every other job and that i think there is nothing bad about it if a woman decides to buy a sofa and get indipendent/ open up a buisness...

...but i have a huge problem with forced prostitution, slavery and child prostitution..

so you can imagine how delighted i was when i read today that the "innocence lost"-group (a specialprogramm to avoid child prostitution ) made a big catch during the weekend: 700 people were arested during a roundup in 36 us-states ..among them more then 90 pimps..a fbi spokesperson let the news know that the youngest prostitute was a ten year old girl they found in a basement bordello...most of the others where under the age of 16

since innocence lost has started in 2003 there are more then 900 minors and infants who are saved from working on street workers patches...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

scarlett johansson knows good decoration...and isnt afraid to wear it

i love scarlett johansson..actually i love to hear her speak more then i love to see her..but looking at her dont hurts neither..she isnt pretty..well..not "pretty-pretty"..but she has a way to display herself..a certain allure which really turns me the sexy " i had raw and dirty sex all night long-voice"..a irresistable mixture......and it seems like the heads behind the italian fashion label dolce & gabanna were thinking the same and castet scarlett to advertise their new eyeshadow???..anyway..something is advertised with those sexy pics of the curvy blond bombshell...and even though i like the single shots of her all made up in a very marylin monroe´ish way i also like the pic with male supermodel david gandi..i mean..i m a man myelf but i dont have any problems with objectivying men / male bodies...and david surely looks good on her..actually better then the damned eye shadow..

Friday, October 16, 2009

from seems like i have it all

because i love alicia keys...because i always imagine my future daughter to look a bit like her..because i imagined the daughter i almost had to look like her if she ever had the chance to grow up...just because i cant sleep tonight..because i get up a thousand times..pour another drink..stand at the windows..look down on the darkened my breath steam up the glas...after all this time..x is still on my mind..are you out there? you think of me the way i think of you?...i listen to this song all night long ...think of all those moments..still hunted and haunted by the memories of you and make me drink liquor in the morning and sit all night at the bar...still i m so obsessed with what we had..whisper your name as if it would make you appear in my darkness like the last christmas ghost...

"all in love is fair I shoulda been there, I shoulda been there, I shoulda shoulda.."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

campari 2010

after salma hayek, eva mendes and last years stunning campari-girl jessica alba we now have the joy that the beautiful olga kurylenko, known as sexy bond-girl, graced the pages of the next campari calendar...the actrice who came to fame with flicks like max payne and hitman was choosen by campari for the 2010 calendar and was set in pose in italy of course...i have to confess that i love all campari calenders (even though the jessica alba issue was my favorite so far)...i love the style, the settings, the dark, sexy allure of the whole project...what i dislike in this recent issue is the heavy heavy heavy! use of photoshop...dont get me wrong i dont mind a bit of photoshop here and there...but how much retouche and faking do you need on a beautiful, 30 year old ukrainan woman?????

Thursday, October 8, 2009


recently there are a whole lot of new projects popping up like daisys for me...there´s one..and there..and sometimes my head starts to spinn but i really like to be productive...

since i recently published an essay about the importance of environmentalism and about the fact that our water reserves are need to be protected and since i was busy with supporting my godsons enviormental group i was invited to a school the other day to lecture a class of second graders about the very same subject..the whole thing was amazing..its so fascinating to work with kids of that age...i xeroxed pictures of apples, cans, plastic bags ect and hide another paper underneath containing the time each thing to moulder...then i started the lecture by letting the kids guess about the mouldering times...they were more then surprised to hear that the filter of a cigarette usually dont moulder at all when it is made of fibre glass..and that the ones mad eof celluse usually take up to 400 years to rot...also the fact how pollution affects our drinking water reservoirs where shocking to this class were one kid from africa and 3 kids from albania so i asked them to tell the german children about the watersituation in their countries..about how it is to get your unfiltered drinking wtaer out of a river or a well/fountain...for german kids its a usuall thing that pure and drinkable water comes out of the the lecture wents on and on about a whole lot more environmental subjects and i have to confess that it was a wonderful time for me..:-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sommer has got the key....

I totally understand alison tylers fondness fort he key word search to her blog since sommer marsden introduced me to the wonderfull world of ….it’s so cool to see how many many people from all over the world read my blog and also to be able to see how they end up in here…most of them search for Danielle de Santiago…some others search for the wonderfull fellow writers and artists I mention from time to time in my posts..and some others search for really ..special…stuff…a while ago when I started to track my visitors I was both surprised and shocked when I saw someone lands on my blog when he searched for “ grandmother fucks great grandson”…but now adays nothing surprises me here is a list of the recent key word search activis on my blog:

Happy birthday sex
Test erotic / seat of love
+test+sextoy+seat of love
Little boys in short leather pants
Writing lovely bones
Fashion braveness leather
Trix niederhauser
John wayne pee against tree
Habits of blonde men
Sexy birthday pictures
Aacidently erased hair in second life
I got erections every time I walk down the street
The song my sexy lady when she is righting?
Cooking with pee
Writing a sweet note
Evil mermaid
pin-up for perverts and intellectuals guess which one i like most...:-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

hand crafted penis anyone?

one of my best female friends, she is a striking artist, a armani-black dressed rockstarmuse and a awsome lipstick lesbian, just send me this picture and asked me:
hey dan, what´s this?you know i havent seen many dicks anyway but i surely never saw one like this before...
well, i have no clue what this is...maybe a purse for change? a bag for condoms? something to cram your cellphone in? maybe it has no use at all and is a decorative item only.. but it really cracks me up..reminds me of my nanny who was a total "green" person, vegan when no one used that term actually and always busy with knitting something out of untreatet lamb wool....

Friday, October 2, 2009

wait till the light go off...

a sexy lady just told me today :

You just wait til you see the light go off upstairs, Danielle, then knock three times ;)

Fri Oct 02, 03:33:00 AM"

and that totally remind sme of a great great song i havent thought of in about 4 years...actually the last time i danced to it was 4 years ago in a beautiful patio, a house suroundet by old fig trees, high up in the hills of santa eulalia/ since she reminded me with her comend on this wonderful track, and because she likes a good song from time to we go...turn your lights down low...low? sounds almost like her name..does it?