Tuesday, October 27, 2009

innocence lost

i m very open to the subject of prostitution..actually i got banned from class for 10 days when i was 14 and we spoke about prostitutes with our teacher and i said that i think prostitution is a job like every other job and that i think there is nothing bad about it if a woman decides to buy a sofa and get indipendent/ open up a buisness...

...but i have a huge problem with forced prostitution, slavery and child prostitution..

so you can imagine how delighted i was when i read today that the "innocence lost"-group (a specialprogramm to avoid child prostitution http://www.fbi.gov/innolost/cross_country.htm ) made a big catch during the weekend: 700 people were arested during a roundup in 36 us-states ..among them more then 90 pimps..a fbi spokesperson let the news know that the youngest prostitute was a ten year old girl they found in a basement bordello...most of the others where under the age of 16

since innocence lost has started in 2003 there are more then 900 minors and infants who are saved from working on street workers patches...

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