Wednesday, May 26, 2010

tell me what u you want... i finally ha dthe time to get me a new cable for my camera so i finally can post pics again since i didnt had access to my pics during the last days, tell me what you wnat me to write about first...the trip to the museums island? eating at my new fav restaurant? the history fest/ carneval of cultures?..tell me what youn want first:-)

Friday, May 21, 2010

i swear i meant to blog..about the museums island (finally) as well as about food since our lovely donna asked me if i cooked something yummy lately..but..i simply didnt ha dthe i ll leave you alone with the two hot covers of magazines who featured my work lately essay of mine as well as one bdsm story..can u guess which cover belongs to which text??...and i ll be later back with more blogging:-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

so..actually i wanted to blog today about my trip with minisantiago1 and my cousin dirk to the museums island..but since its already late and i would have to load up a ton of pictures i took there i rather write about it tomorrow and today about my new gig at missima magazine where i write a sex-lexicon for educational use as well as a monthly can guess it i m usual, dating and relationship all under the aspect of the eternal questions..what do women want??? what do men want?...
so my first column isnt exactly new because it was already published in a shorter version in another magazine but this time its full length..and..what makes it a special for me..its full of quotes from such amazing writers as donna george storey, nikki magennis, midori, susie bright, kristina lloyd and a few other wonderful persons who gave me insight on their point of view when i interviewed them about the differences in female and male thing has a hook of*...which surely makes craig happy (his german is really good!) ..but for teh rest of you i hope you have this translation funktion that jo uses when she reads my german internet stuff...:-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hello hello turn your radio on...

i know i know..its been ages that i came here and i might have lost all my readers because i neglected them for so long...and i dont wanna bore you with stories about how sick i was...and then busy with so much work..and then i had not only mini1 but also mini2 (hurrraay) here for a while and after beeing all misserable sick and busy i m finally back here...yessss..and you..are you here too?

and since jo almost peed already her knickers because of a little story i told to her today i do wanna share it with you too... i went out to the countryside to visit my grandmother...and after tea and buisquits she unveiled the horrors to me:
grandma: oh...bunny*....i bought some of your books...
i mean wtf??? i told her..begged her!!! not to read what i write since what i write is..errrrr*..well....most of you know what kind of stories and books i i asked my grandma not to read any of them since she is a total far from anything sexual as one only could u can imagine how shocked i was and how uncomfortable i felt already as she went on:
grandma: and i wrote down a little list of things and words from your stories which i never have heard before..can you please explain them to me?
at this stage i couldnt blush any redder!!! but so i started to explain and already at word one she turned a bit word two she was already pale and said: okay okay..i i dont want any more explanations!!!
by that time jo was already in happy histery and asked me if i conficate the books...and..well..i couldnt!!! because the books werent there..she had lend them to some of her friends!!!so i will never ever ever walk again into one of her ladies lunches without blushing like a ripe tomato...
so thats all for today...damn...i really missed that:-)
* grandma calls me bunny..and not only her but my whole family..i actually dont know why** but they all do sinc ei was a small child
** okay that was a lie...but i will not tell why they call me bunny:-)