Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hello hello turn your radio on...

i know i know..its been ages that i came here and i might have lost all my readers because i neglected them for so long...and i dont wanna bore you with stories about how sick i was...and then busy with so much work..and then i had not only mini1 but also mini2 (hurrraay) here for a while and after beeing all misserable sick and busy i m finally back here...yessss..and you..are you here too?

and since jo almost peed already her knickers because of a little story i told to her today i do wanna share it with you too... i went out to the countryside to visit my grandmother...and after tea and buisquits she unveiled the horrors to me:
grandma: oh...bunny*....i bought some of your books...
i mean wtf??? i told her..begged her!!! not to read what i write since what i write is..errrrr*..well....most of you know what kind of stories and books i i asked my grandma not to read any of them since she is a total far from anything sexual as one only could u can imagine how shocked i was and how uncomfortable i felt already as she went on:
grandma: and i wrote down a little list of things and words from your stories which i never have heard before..can you please explain them to me?
at this stage i couldnt blush any redder!!! but so i started to explain and already at word one she turned a bit word two she was already pale and said: okay okay..i i dont want any more explanations!!!
by that time jo was already in happy histery and asked me if i conficate the books...and..well..i couldnt!!! because the books werent there..she had lend them to some of her friends!!!so i will never ever ever walk again into one of her ladies lunches without blushing like a ripe tomato...
so thats all for today...damn...i really missed that:-)
* grandma calls me bunny..and not only her but my whole family..i actually dont know why** but they all do sinc ei was a small child
** okay that was a lie...but i will not tell why they call me bunny:-)


Craig Sorensen said...

Willkommen zurück!

Glad you're feeling better and back in the mix.

That's quite a story! You're grandmother seems to be quite a character.


Jeremy Edwards said...

So great to see you back here, Danielle!

And you sure know how to make a marvelous entrance with a sensational tale!

Marina said...

Yay! You're back! Missed you!!!
I LOVE the story about your grandmother - I could not EVER imagine explaining anything to my mother or grandmother!

Allegra Smith said...

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw your comment! Where have you been? I sent private emails a couple of times and worried about you then I decided you were probably having way too much fun somewhere. I have missed you and I am so happy you are back. I don't need to tell you how much I love the story about your Grandmother. How is little Santiago?
How are you? Hugs from here and take care of yourself.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh Danielle! I am so joyful to see you back home here again!
What a story about your grandmother! Bless her heart! as I would say and bless yours too. I am sure she will still love you and I am sure you will always be her bunny.
Love to you from Florida and to those boys as well...Mary

Emerald said...

Hi Danielle! I had missed you and wondered how you were doing.

Glad to hear you are healed, and I'm wishing you all wellness. :)


Jo said...

Is it because you were a little fuzzy bunny baby?

I TOLD you to mail Allegra! Alegra I can't believe he didn't! I would have if I'd realised.

Look at all the people waiting to see you, Dan :)

Jo said...

Ps: it's 2010 - photoshop out the cigarette!

Danielle said...

@ craig

yeah me too..:-)

and she really is quite a character--often very funny without wanting to be:-)

Danielle said...

@ jeremy

ha..youalways know what to say to make me feel complimented:-))))))

Danielle said...

@ marina

yes..and you are back too since a while:-)

great we both are back:-)

Danielle said...

@ allegra

dont fall!!!

i emailed you too!!! but nothing came back and so i thought you were to sick to answer...

and believe me..there will be never anything so good/funny to keep me from answering your emails!!

ah the little santiagos are both very well and made me really proud lately..will tell you all about it in a post very soon:-)

Danielle said...

@ mary moon

you know i love love from florida:-)

its good to be back here again and see you all coming over to share of what i have to give:-)

Danielle said...

@ emerald

ahhh so good to see u again!!! i m so glad to be healing and allready busy with reading all my fav blogs to get all i missed:-)

Danielle said...

@ jo

no..i wasnt fuzzy..but..ähmmmm*..i have big ears, can be happy that they called me bunny and not elephant..:-)

an di didt email allegraaaaa:-) and then i told you that i did but hadnt heared anything back yet and then you said: she is probably to sick...:-P

Danielle said...

yes its 2010 and a cigarette still looks good..:-P

anyway i ll soon have new headers form my page anyway and those will get into

Jo said...

Yeah, I assumed you were lying to me ;)

Heh, that would have been my second guess, but of course I NEVER would have said it! Never!

As for the cigarette... well, you may be smokin', babe, but it isn't :)

Danielle said...

but but said it!!!!...gnaahhhr*

Erobintica said...

Danielle!!!! It is wonderful to see you back in blogland.

Loved the Bunny tale. ;-)

Hey everybody, party at Danielle's!!!!!

downtown guy said...

Glad to see you back!

Petit fleur said...

Bunny, aye? I think it's sweet.

Well, Mr. Bunny, you do come back with a bang and not a whimper!!
And, may I say, I'm So EXCITED to see you!!!!!!!!!!! :-p Woopie!!

I'm sure I'd have peed my nickers too if I'd have been there!! That is classic. Maybe you can develope a story around that theme.... grandma reading your writing. ah hem, ah hem. It's a great story.

Take care of you,

Petit fleur said...

I was glad to see your face back on the header! I like it that way!!

Mwa said...

Great to see you here again - and with a very funny story as well. That must have been excruciating for you! x

Janine Ashbless said...

in happy histery
Me too! And what an awesome phrase! Now I'm going to giggle every time I think of you walking into a ladies' lunch and blushing. I bet they adore you, Danielle!

And welcome back, of course - we've missed you!

Danielle said...

@ robin

ha..its so good to be back..the only better thing is to see taht you all are still here..:-)

Danielle said...

@ downtown

hey..:-) thank you:-9 and welcome over here:-)

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

you know i m always happy when you come over as well as for the wonderfull emails you wrote to me when i was sick..thank you a lot for that:-) fac ewill be up there for a while now:-)

Danielle said...

@ mwa

you have no idea how close you are to the truth with what you asusme:-))

Danielle said...

@ janine

jaaahahaha...i know..histeria dont exist in english..i have been moppped up for it already by jo:-)

u know i missed you too:-)

Sophia Valenti said...

Glad your back and feeling better, Danielle!

Loved your story!

Danielle said...

sophia valenti..great to have you here again!!!

Donna said...

So glad you're back in blogland being you, Danielle! And of course with a brilliant story to entertain and enlighten.

Hope you're recovering nicely.



Danielle said...

@ are happy that i m back? could you be happier then me that YOU are back?..:-)))

me and my blog have missed you too:-)