Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sommer has got the key....

I totally understand alison tylers fondness fort he key word search to her blog since sommer marsden introduced me to the wonderfull world of statcounter.com ….it’s so cool to see how many many people from all over the world read my blog and also to be able to see how they end up in here…most of them search for Danielle de Santiago…some others search for the wonderfull fellow writers and artists I mention from time to time in my posts..and some others search for really ..special…stuff…a while ago when I started to track my visitors I was both surprised and shocked when I saw someone lands on my blog when he searched for “ grandmother fucks great grandson”…but now adays nothing surprises me anymore..so here is a list of the recent key word search activis on my blog:

Happy birthday sex
Test erotic / seat of love
+test+sextoy+seat of love
Little boys in short leather pants
Writing lovely bones
Fashion braveness leather
Trix niederhauser
John wayne pee against tree
Habits of blonde men
Sexy birthday pictures
Aacidently erased hair in second life
I got erections every time I walk down the street
The song my sexy lady when she is righting?
Cooking with pee
Writing a sweet note
Evil mermaid
pin-up for perverts and intellectuals

so..now guess which one i like most...:-)


jothemama said...

Well, something tells me you fancy youself as a pervert AND an intellectual...! :D

Danielle said...

lol...no not really..thats what a german news paper once wrotes about me..and it wasnt a good one actually..hehe*..i like the john wayne part the most right now...strangely i have two more search aktivities for cooking with pee today..is there a new trend????

jothemama said...

heh heh, ew.

I don't know about that but someone sent me a link to this once: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/natural-harvest---a-collection-of-semen-based-recipes/5198959

Self published, hmm? You don't say.

Danielle said...

ah..i read about this a while ago on violet blues blog..seems like there is a whole new kind of cooking on its way...hm...do you know " cuisine fatale" by christa weil..?