Tuesday, September 8, 2009

aids is a mass murderer

a new add / clip produced by Regenbogen e.v. (a national german organization fighting for the rights of aids/hiv patients) splits peoples opinions all over the world into two...a young sexy girl has unprotected sex in a dark room with a stranger who turns out to be adolf hitler...other clips are the same but with saddam hussein and josef stalin in the role of the male sex partner...the hiv support group says it needs drastic and shocking pics nowadays to make people wake up and realize how dangerous hiv still is and that everyone can get infected..i, personaly, think the add is awsome* since i think the very same about shocking images since a long time..people seem to have forgotten about what a high risk unprotected sex is..but what do you think about it

last year there was a anti-aids campaign with pictures of fruits and vegetables covered in condoms..each one with a silly/funny/fresh phrase about the need to protect yourself..what can i say? i hated the add..why does sex education in germany always to be silly/funny?..if i was responsible for those campaigns i d show pictures of men and women dying of aids..i d show the dirty painful truth..i want people to protect theirselves not because its funny but because it saves your live.
aids, since it was found as a incurable desease in 1981, has killed more then 28 millions of both men and women...in this moment live about 60.000 men, women and children infected with hiv only in germany.

see the clip at: http://video.gmx.net/watch/6894741/Stoppe_Aids

* of course i dont support any glamourizing of the persona of adolf hitler but he surely will focus the public eye on this clip

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