Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dr death and the eternal one night stand

since a while there are a lot of discussions going on in germany if it should be allowed or not* for günther hagen aka dr death to show two corpses in sexual positions....even though europe is very open to a lot of sexual stuff we still get a bit nervous and "home baked" when it comes to sex&church and to sex&death....its the whole "it degrades the dead people"-discussion which makes me really mad...but before we go on..lets introduce ourselfes to mister and misses dead couple..or no..not mister and not misses..since those two never had met before you can count that as a one night stand..even though its an eternal one...

51 years old, from the city of mainz, he was a sportsman all his life and you can see a broken leg bone which didnt healed too well

HER: 58 years old, from munich

both: were heavy smoker and died from lung cancer...she signed a contract that she actually wanted to be displayed in sexual poses..due to a promise she gave one which she couldnt make come true during her life (i wonder what kind of promised that was)..he signed a contract which says that dr death could do with his corpse what ever he feels like since he thought of günther hagen as a great artist...

me: i have seen the exibition already a few years ago...and even though i wouldnt go there again to see two skinned off and peeled off people i still think its okay to show them in public...i mean, those two knew whats going to happen to them...they agreed...and i know how.."interesting" people can get about hagens work..a friend of mine who lost her baby due complications through the act of giving birth even said that she would have donored her babys body to hagen if she had knew him back then...too me thats a bit over the top...i could never display my babies body with a drawer in its chest like it was some salvador dali painting..or peeled of like a little shrimp...but thats not what i wanna talk about...this was just a sample about how people think about hagens work and how far they might go...but what about our eternal one night standers...should it be okay to show them in an exibitions spot light or not...tell me your opinion open or anonym..just feel free to speak your mind


neve black said...

Wow! I love it! I've seen the tamer version of this here in Cleveland when it was on tour.

This is the Body Works exhibit, yes? Hell, most of us love Europe because of the cultural open-mindedness about sex - I think it's great. And of course, if someone doesn't like, then don't participate and go see it.

There's my two-cents, or zwei Cent.

Danielle said...

you know i love your two set..ehr*..cents:-)
yes its amazing..the whole project is facinating and news are that dr death plans a whole new exibitit on the sex-theme..:-)

europes openess..well..germany is open to silly nudeness..and sexyness..but a bit afraid of erotic or wild sexyness..but lets hopp over the borders and visit france and netherlands...there you can finde all the sexyness we like..:-)

Alana said...

I'm down with this. It's primal. Fleshy. Very human. Love it. :-)

Danielle said...

@ alana

hey lady..:-)

yes it is..its human after all..and even though i wouldnt run back just to see this couple i still think its all natural and interesting

Erobintica said...

I've not seen this exhibit yet - I'd like to someday if it ever gets near me. I'd always wanted to take anatomy in college - never got the chance - I know I'd be fascinated by this and though I can understand why some folks would be ... upset - seeing the picture, it seems fine to me - but then, that's me. Thanks Danielle.

Danielle said...

@ robin

i totally understand your point of view

i always collected bones and skulls as a teenager and as well as a kid..becaus ei always were fascinated by what we are made of..i had a couple of bird skulls..thin fines venecian masks..artworks of nature..:-)

i have a friend working in the pathology were i visited him a couple of times...there is beauty..even in the death...

Petit fleur said...

I don't know this artist you speak of, but from what you said, it gives me the total creeps. However, I would opt not to visit his shows.

There is the idea of where to make the line though in anything. Life snuff films... You can call anything art, and where do you stop? Child porn? Necrophilia? Animal rape? See my point? I think that it also lacks creativity in the fact that the people are already dead... I mean to me, the idea of it is just deviant taxidermy for people, which is more like exploitation that anything else.

I don't really know enough about it I suppose to really comment. These are just some thoughts based on what I read and sort of put together for myself.

Good post, and very strange indeed!

Anonymous said...

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