Friday, September 4, 2009


dont forget your ending:-) my contest keeps on running until next dont forget to send me your hottest, sexiest, wildest & foremost spiciest stories..original contest text see below:

since several people said really nice things about the snippets for the spicy sunday blog tour, i had an idea (if good or not decide yourself)...the snippets for chutney and vinegar were made just for the spicy i have no idea how the stories will end ..why dont you tell me how your favorite snippet ends??...write me, let´s say 150-250 words and tell me how the stories go on...write about anything that comes into your mind..make it hot, sexy, sensual or wild, make it dirty-sweet and win a copy of "surfer boys*" or "girl crazy**" (you can choose which one tickles you more) ...:-)

please send your "ending" to desantiago at gmx .de

*includes my story "sleeping in the sand"

** includes my story "I´ve been around the block, three times, maybe four"

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neve black said...

I'm e-mailing my ending to your story, Room 244 now. This was great fun. Thank you!