Monday, September 14, 2009

i m blinded by the lights

okay i never really said it..okay i did..but i never really wrote it..ok ok i did that too but i never said nor wrote it out loud here on my blog..but now i do..i hate twillight..both books and movie..i really do..everytime its mentioned in my near i almost growl and howl with disgust...i really tried to like it..i fought my way through the first novel..still i hatet it..i mean..we understood that the vampire is sexy and that bella is happy to have him..but does she has to repeat that every 5 pages? and what about the glitter and shining????..when my friend renata told me recently that she read the book (and usually she only read psychology and philosopie books) i almost puked and spilled my martini on her dress..through my nose actually...
so i hoped for a parrody of the movie..i had something like madtv or scary movie in mind..something both ugly and funny...but last night a evil little bird twittered me that there actually two parodies now..PORN PARODIES...with "this isnt twillight" jenna haze presents the straight version while twinklight is the gay version presented by..err*..white skinned sucking twinks...and since jenna haze sucks too i m sure you guys love it..both..:-)n


Petit fleur said...

I could never get past the medial blitzing to actually watch or read it. I just instinctively knew it was shit.

Sorry you suffer too, but you're not alone!

Anonymous said...

Thank u :-) check out that emo boy style over this blog: