Wednesday, September 16, 2009

music made me do it

music made me do it..sounds almost like a common apology sportet by a local psycho after choping his entire family into pieces..doesent it? made me do already a made me crawl across the floor when i was 16 and drank milk out of a bowl just to please my 23 years older lover

music makes me dance in my kitchen

musik made me last summer jump on my window full view for the home for nons/nuns) on the other side of the street...

musik and champagne ,once on a parking place with my cousin while it was raining, made me turn the radio louder..jump out of the car and dance in the rain..shameless

music makes me often cry...and i m sure i m not the only one who likes some good tunes playing while getting down and i?

so..with that knowledge about me and music you can surely imagine that i totally like kenneth capellos ads for you might make big eyes and say who the fuck is kenneth capello...and i make a worried face, shake my gead and say: i have no idea neither...i just dont know him..but the ads are sexy and raunchy and thats why kenneth capello is my hero of the day..thanks ken..

but back to you..tell me..what have you done because of music...what has music done to you....


neve black said...

Music made me stay with a saxophone player that was no good for or to me for tooooo long. Damn, jazz music!

Danielle said...

neve!..jazzz..all that jazz...i so know that place...i have been blues singer...alicia keys meats billie i have to say more...?

Alana said...

D, lately I wish I could fuck to Whitesnake's song, "Slow An' Easy."

Danielle said...

@ alana

baby, that sounds just like a plan..
i just wante dto post the song for you..and found this coment under the song on youtube:
SnootchDog :I can't say that I want to have sex to this song, but I would say that I'd gladly fuck to it. I might even say your name.


jothemama said...

Can't respond, grinning at last two comments too much.

Go on, say her name.

Danielle said...

hey jo....:-))

thanx for hopping over:-)

Petit fleur said...

Awe, nothing unusual. For me it was a guitar player... Also some music makes me dance like a fool. And when I say like a "fool" I mean it. It ain't purdy!