Wednesday, September 16, 2009


do you wanna know what really drives me up the walls today??? the fact that i try to create a new blog, a german blog since my german readers are about to kill me via email-bombs because i dont write in german anymore, but its impossible since somehow all good names are allready taken..and not only taken but taken by people who createt a blog in 2000 or 2001..who postet exactly on blog-post..something like " heyyyyyyaaaa"..."hello world".." i m so exited because blogger is brandnew and i cant wait to create a site for britney spears as well as for..."...and since then they never postet anything again...what a waste of space!!!...that really makes me angry drives you up the wall??


david said...

Danielle - I thought this post was about the movie Teeth, a comedy!? about a young girl born with a vagina dentata. ps I am gay. Don't let the vag word fool ye.

Petit fleur said...

Oh, that would depend on the day you ask... In general, talking to someone and being ignored is right up there with idiots who drive like ass while yapping away on their cell phones or texting.

Yea, that would be the it.