Sunday, August 2, 2009


today we had the first really rainy day so we had to finde some indoor place to entertain they boys..our choice of entertainment was..after a hop over the dutchborder the so called "kids-city"...a whole day of water rollercoasters, trampolin, caroussels, climbing, air hockey, bumper car,koi feeding slides and i dont know what all...which wasnt so awsome for me but for the kids..on our way back we made a stop at ludwig forum ( a side project of the ludwig museum our lovely shanna just had visited) for a exibition of graphics and pop art as well as naturalistic paintings...both kiddos werent so interested in the exibition until they found headphones were you could listen to an audio file of an hour of mechanical digger noice...then they were all "ohhh great we love art"..:-)

most funny moment today: when the boys passed a naked statue of a was realistik artwork from the the women was in "full hair"..the boys asked me why she is so hairy in her private area..and i couldnt say anything but "oh..she*..hiding a beaver!!!..for a second that was funny but then i remembered my responcability as a godfather (ha!)to educate this two little humans the right i made a short puberty explanation..and really scared the boys when i told them that they will grow some hair too when they are in a certain age..which was like..

beard..oh wow!!!cool!!..arm pits..oh..really? are you sure??...pubes..oh no no no thats we dont want that oh no no...we have to puke


Gina Marie said...

Ooooh, look at all the pretty colors! I wanna go to kid city!

Both of your answers to the "hair down there" question were perfect. Funny and honest.

Beautiful, fun photos! Thanks for sharing.

Danielle said...

hey gina,,join us anytime...its loud but a lot of fun there..even though i prefer outdoor activities with the kids..:-)

ah thank you:-) i just wasnt prepared in the first moment for these questions..hehe*

Emerald said...

That seems really cool that you took responsibility, Danielle. :)

And that looks like quite a place!! What a pretty carousel.

Danielle said...

ah thank you emerald:-)

marek, the younger one of my godsons said about the carousel: oh its so pretty..i just wish i would be faster!!!