Sunday, August 23, 2009

like a virgo...:-)

i just came back from my trip to hamburg (which was awsome even though the road was a big mess of hundreds of construction sides along the way)..and what did i found out?? that the sexy neve black gives me her equally sexy book Sex through the Zodiac as a present,..she doesent know it yet but its gonna be a b-day present for me since i m a virgo ..:-)

and if you dont know yet about neves awsome is a taste:
“There was a light tap on the front door and I hit the play button on my CD player before opening the front door; letting Charlie Parker’s fluid saxophone infiltrate my apartment. Charlie Parker was also a Virgo. I opened the door, just slightly so Pluto, the escape artist couldn’t get out. Jack was standing there, holding a bag of Chinese take-out and a smile. He wore a pair of jeans, a simple white tee-shirt, black leather jacket and tennis shoes. He looked comfortable and effortlessly sexy.

“Please come in.” I said, flashing my blues and pearly whites. I suddenly realized why I cared so much what I looked like. I still had feelings for him. His visit to my house could be trouble for me. I had a number of zodiac signs to still have sex with and I wasn’t sure if seeing Jack wouldn’t somehow reignite the deep emotional feelings I had for him; derailing my New Year’s resolution goal.

Virgos have discriminating taste. It’s a compliment to any zodiac sign if a Virgo finds you interesting enough to want to spend time with you. Knowing this, I felt his immediate earth sign warmth as he walked through the front door.

We both sat down on the floor, sipping cold beer while we laughed; catching up over the months we hadn’t see each other. It felt as if we picked right back up from where we had left off. The couch was up against our backs, and opened cartons of Chinese take-out were strewn all over the coffee table in front of us. Jack’s eyes met mine and I moved closer to him; his scent penetrated into my brain, “God. I love the way he smells.” Our pant legs touched and electricity shot through my body.

“I’ve missed you, Roxy.” He said kissing the top of my head.

“What have you missed about me the most?” I whispered wickedly as I pushed the coffee table’s legs across the carpet; giving me enough room to straddle his lap; like a cowgirl who’s been away from her horse for too long.

I pressed my breasts against his chest; my nipples ached as they hardened. He wrapped his arms around me; holding me tightly. I pushed myself up and our lips met; kissing softly and then harder, and faster. His cock flexed behind his jeans and I felt my cunt getting wet….”
What more do we know about these discriminating earth signs other than what Roxanne describes for us above? Who out there reading this is a Virgo? Who knows a Virgo? Care to describe what you know about a virgin?


neve black said...

You're so sweet. Thank you and yes, happy, happy birthday, Virgo-man!!

Danielle said...


glad you like it:-)