Saturday, July 4, 2009

okay..i know..i really cant keep you on salad all week long but..erobintica just dared me too..hehe*

so its another unusuall warm day here in germany and since i seem to join my friend N. on a travel to greece this year we spoke a lot about our greece expiriences before...N. totally loves greece and dont want to go anywhere else..i like greece too..well actually when i first visited greece i hatet it..i spend 3 extremly boring weeks on krete / kreta..which is a very dry and somehow sad island...old men, dogs tied to the roadsides and half builded concrete buildings everywhere..that was the only time in my life that i spend my whole time in the hotel komplex since the outside was so depressing...when i gave greece a second chance and travelled to athens i was already much happier with what was expecting me..athens is a fab city..with a lot cultural stuff going on and a really friendly people even though the traffic is really awfull....i mean if you wanna cross a street..dont pay attention to the travic doesnet matter if they are red or green..just have a look right and left and if there is no car..just run!!! third try for atrip to greece were santorini..and what can i say ?? santorini is such an amazing and beautiful island that there are actually now words to really discribe it...its blue waters..all those little white house who like bird nests glued one glued to the next up the hills ...its lights by night..all the narrow little streets...all the shadows...its just very very santorini is where i learned to prepare a so called sheperd salad..its the usuall greek salad with a delicious twist since santorini is an island and the people there add some mouthwatering octopus to round the traditional recipe...

great thing about this is the fact that its tasty..and done within minutes...and i dont mean martha steward minutes but nigella lawson minutes..:-)
okay..grab your shopping basket because what we need, even though its not much, you might dont have at home...

pickled grapevine leaves
4 tomatos...i just harvested a few of them delicous red thingies out from my garden today
one half of a cucumber
a red onion cut into rings
feta-cheese & bulgarian white cheese as much as you like
black olives
boiled oktopus

for the only need
3 eating spoons of olive oil
lemon juice
dried oregano
...hmm....let me think..okay...first of all take the leaves and put them on a platte..then cut the tomatos into pieces...cut the cucumber lengthwise into two pieces and scratch the seedy part out..goes easily with a sppon..then cut the cucumber into pieces too...and make them join the tomaos in the salad bowl...throw in the olives..cut the cheese into little squares and add them too...chop the octopus and make it follow the cheese...put all the ingrendients for the dressing in a shaker...and..well..shake it..yes..thats right..pour it over the greek mix in the bowl...mix it all good...and arrange it over the leaves on the plate..and καλός πείνα


Dee said...

oh mein Gott,,, wie widerlich ist das denn bitte.... ich bin grün im gesicht... und das nicht vor neid,... da sind minni tintenfische... *würgt*... *schüddel*... das ist wirklich pääärvääärs!!

Danielle de Santiago said...

die sind total lecker!!!
frag mal maike..die hat neulich in meinem beisein einen fischpenis verspeist!

Dee said...

Fischpenis.... ich hab mir noch nie gedanken gemacht das fische nen penis haben.
Wenn wir Homosapiens schon penise essen, was kommt als nächstes? Affentitten? ...ohh nein mir wird schlecht... AFK ....zurück *mund abwisch*...
zurück zu den fangarmen des tintenfisches. danielle.. das mag lecker sein..aber widerlich fürs auge. so jetzt weisst dus :P

Shanna Germain said...

Ohhhhh... all of this is yum!

I'm coming to eat at your house while I'm in Cologne! Or at the very least, at all the restaurants you recommend!

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh octopus! Wow. As soon as I'm allowed sheep's cheese and seafood again, I'll be making this one, definitely.

(I don't speak German, but does Dee not like the idea of octopus? And are you recommending fish penis?!)

Danielle de Santiago said...

hey nikki..nice to have you here...:-)

dee hates the octopus and i told her about a comon friend we have who recently ate a fish penis in an asian restaurant...:-)

tell me how you liked the salad when you tried it..:-)

Danielle de Santiago said...

hey shanna..:-)
would be totally great to have you here as a guest and to cook for you
some good old creole or brazilian food

EllaRegina said...

Can you please come cook for me? My current chef decamped for another mouth.

Gina Marie said...

Hi Danielle, oh yum, yum! I've had the Hawaiian version of octopus salad -- Tako Poke. Reading about the Greek version is making my mouth water! And yes, I'll take Nigella minutes over Martha minutes any time!

Thank you!!! We missed the feeding of the octopus at the science center today, but I got down on my knees and looked him in the eye -- a two-year-old Giant Pacific Octopus. He winked at me.

Thanks for sharing the deliciousness -- words and food!


Danielle de Santiago said...

@ ellaregina

decamped for another mouth?...sounds like a bad case of culinary cheating..:-)

@ gina marie
anytime:-)please share that hawaian version with us because tako poke sounds delicious too...:-)

neve black said...

I found you! I mean I found your blog! You're Neve Black'd blog rolled! Um, is that correct?

Great post!

Danielle de Santiago said...

i m not sure if its correct,,,but it sounds exotic and hot anyways..:-) welcome over here in my part of blog land..:-)

Nikki Magennis said...

Ich haben essen der ... no, damn, I just can't pretend to talk German!

I sucked fish brains and ate the eyes once. I'm still not sure if the guy was joking when he said it was a local custom ...

Danielle de Santiago said...

hey how was it? i guess i wouldnt have problems with eyes maybe..:-)

Nikki Magennis said...

Well ... fishy, really! A bit like caviar, maybe?

Danielle de Santiago said...

ha..i love caviar..but most people are disgusted by the fact that i like caviar on spice butter toast with a bit of ketchup..actually i love all kinds of sea food:-)

Anonymous said...

Sehr lecker, vermute ich.
Zumal ja allgemein bekannt ist, dass Fische regelmäßig Ananas verzehren.

Ich versuche seit Stunden herauszufinden, wieviel Gramm Fett in 100 Gramm Fischpenis enthalten sind. Wie ich meine Diät verfluche!

Danielle de Santiago said...

@ anonymus...kleinööös??? that you???