Wednesday, July 8, 2009

moroccan turkey with apricots & cinnamon

today the weather in germany made a total u-turn and cooled down for several degree..the whole morning was kinda chilli and foggy and also it rained a no salad today...not even one tiny green leave..its a day for a real meal..something rich and substantial...healthy but still tasty..:-)

so i decided to feed you some of my favourite moroccan turkey..i often do this recipe also with chicken meat but since we just had chicken a few days ago i decided to make it in a traditional way..with turkey...

my mother spent a lot time in morocco when she was always was one of her favourite destinations and she never became tired of telling adventurous stories about her travels to this beautyful destinations and always was up to cook some tasty stuff she had learned to prepare there...

okay..this is once more a tasty but still fast done recipes...

you need :

400-500 gramms of turkey meat cut in pieces
a red onion cut into rings
1 tea spoon grounded cumin
half a tea spoon cinnamon ( i always use more since i love the sweet-spicy taste of cinnamon)
1 red pepper/ can be replaced by 1 rea spoon tabasco
a eating spoon ketchup
3 quarters of a tin of chick peas
600 ml of chicken stock
a bit sugar, just for the taste
20 dried apricots
some cornstarch
2 eating spoons of fresh cut cilantro ( make sure that you really like cilantro..i always use a lot of it but most people dont like its special taste)
a big sweet potato cut into half slabs
and some couscous...prepare it the way its been discribed on the box..its easy..i alsways have a little twist and prepare it with saffron, broth or a somered wine instead of ever you prepare it..make sure to put a decent amount of butter in it in the end.. it all ready to hand?..perfect..just put on your favourite music...pour yourself a good glas of wine..and start the whole procedure..get a big pan or a big pot....put the turkey, the onion, cumin, cinnamon, tabasko or red pepper,chick peas, ketchup, sugar, sweet potato and the chicken stock inside...stirr it all up...yes..mix it really good and put the heat on...make it boil..reduce the heat and then let it cook on little heat for say 15 minutes...use the time to drink some choose the right kind of lingerie for you personal 1001 and one night happening tonight..but dont forget to stirr now and then..the food i mean...

now..throw in the apricots ..make it cook again, reduce the heat again and let it cook on small heat for about 15 minutes more until the meat is done..

put the cornstarch in a glas..mixed with water, stirr it properly ( i dont wanna see any clumps) and whisk/mix it with all that great smelling stuff in your pot...make it cook some more while you keep on stirring until the fluid starts to take the pot from the fire..mix the cilantro underneath the dish...and just serve the mofo of a exotic & sexy meal with the couscous...enjoy..really its delicious..:-)


Donna said...

Omg, my mouth is watering! This looks so delicious--apricots and spice, fluffy couscous. I can't think of any official porn that would work as much magic, lol. I do wish I lived closer ;-). Actually Morocco is fairly high on the list of places I want to visit. Interesting that your mother spent a lot of time there. It seems like a very sensuous place, at least for a visit.

Danielle de Santiago said...

thank you a lot donna..its really weired how much magic lays in that word..morocco...wanna go there too..sinceages its a country that atracts many many artists as well as writers and adventurers..:-)

i m glad you like that mix of sweet & spicy since i was already arguing with my freind dee who totally dislike taht kind of mix..:-)

Gina Marie said...

Yum! There is something about both Morocco and saffron that fascinate me. The recipe and setting reminds me of a book I'm re-reading at present, "Dreams of Trespass, Tales of a Harem Childhood" by Fatima Mernissi set in the Moroccan city of Fez."

A quote -- as one of the women begins reciting an impromptu poem:

"Please, can anyone briefme?
Is adolescence a crime?
Does anyone know?
I want to live in the present.
Is that a crime?
I want to feel the sensuous caress of each fleeting second on my skin.
Is that a crime?
Can anyone explain why the present is less important than the past?
Can anyone explain why Nights of Pleasure happen only in Vienna?"

Danielle de Santiago said...

@ gina marie thank you for coming over..:-)

there is a lot fascinating about saffron indeed..they used to weight it up in gold because it was so rare..people made unbelievable long travels to bring that stuff home and still today its so rare that you have to pay for it more then for other spices ...its smell is so..intense..misterious..anais nin wrote once a story (contained in her book littlebirds i think) about a woman married to a man who didnt sleeped with her..actually he sleeped with black girls only because he loved their odor and night the woman perfumed herself with saffron..and..he took her...because now she smelled like the black you see gina marie...seems like a lot people are fascinated by saffron..

speaking about morocco..its weired but everyone has this lush sexy amorous pictures in his head as soon he or she hears that word...must be the 1001 nights syndrome..:-)

i think i have read that book too a while ago..because i also have a thing for the harem subject...its fascinating how people imagine to be in a harem would be sexy and naughty all day a writers job the job of a harems girl is like 90% of waiting..sitting on the butt...thinking...beating the time dead until the maharadscha / the muse comes...:-)..and dont we all life in our own imaginations harem? populated by our sexy and sultry charakters....

Gina Marie said...

Hi again,

What strikes me from the overall tone of the book is longing. So much longing for freedom and choice. And yet, it's like a quote I saw recently, "What is there to write about when you can write about anything you want?" The muse, I suppose, needs to be fed and starved both.

Danielle de Santiago said...

@ gina marie are totally right about that..somehow the real good writers are never those perfect happy people but those with a crack in the surface..with a dark or painfull past or those who long for something....who have a deep desire for something out of reach...