Saturday, July 25, 2009

for alana..

usually i dont do that..usually i dont blog so much about other writers/blog land friends...but since alana is not just only a loveable person / person to love..but an awsome talented writer who breaks my heart as easily as a mokkingbirds egg...she just throws her art like pearls ..shiny black words...feathered words..which cut just right trough me like a lovers razor a knife cuttiung an apricot into two parts...

her work is not "pretty"..i feel like its also not meant to be pretty ..its not entertaining but dont read it delighted and forget about it soon again , her voice is so intense and sharp..dark and moist...she keeps me awake thinking that she knows dark places..she haunts and hunts me with her broken unwrapped soul/flesh..a striptease so intimate it makes me almost cry..she peels off layer after layer ..peels of her coolnes...she skins off herself until its all shown..bloody red and wet and all you wanna do is take her in your arms and tell her that you feel wanna give her something..shelter..respect...something good

please visit her her the books that features her work ...its worth every minute and every penny you ll spend on it

..why that song? because ..i dont know why..but everytime i read her blog it reminds me of that songs lyrics..about the black black heart...beating in the dark

alana..sorry for dragging you in the light..but i just had to write (after todays post on your blog) about you and your work..hope its not rude..if you dont like this post tell me and i ll take it off since i didnt asked you before i wrote it


neve black said...

That's a wonderful compliment. How nice. :-)

Danielle said...

hey neve..:-)

i hope alana thinks so too..:-)

thank you for coming over..:-))you know i apreciate you as a guest here..:-)

Donna said...

Danielle, you have unfailingly amazing taste in writers ;-). Alana's courage and honesty and willingness to look at the pain is a constant inspiration to me.

I wanna be like her when I grow up.

Thanks for the tribute and the post.

Danielle said...


i totally can understand the "when i grow up" part..:-)

..the look at the pain totally gots me..because more then anything else her work feels so honest to its been all open..a direkt window to the soul..:-)

Alana said...

Dear Danielle,

First, thank you.

Second, thank you.

Third, you're beautiful.

Truth: I was here earlier but then left because I read your letter and then started crying.

So what I did was pay a few bills online and then take a shower before coming back.

So . . . what I want to say is thank you. This is unexpected. I'm grateful. Flattered. Humbled. Quieted. Inspired.

I wish you were here now.

First time I read Dennis Cooper, Stephen Elliot, and Marguerite Duras I could have swore they had some telepathic connection to me or were staring straight into soul when they wrote some of their darkest and tangled prose. You know, the angst, the pain, the desperate hoping in face of shit like shame and humility. I've managed to survive in part due to other writers.

Sure, you always hope you may one day offer the same lifeline or courage to someone else, but so much of writing is solitary drudgery at a keyboard that you begin to believe you're typing into the ether. Also, so much of writing is thankless. I've had so few opportunities to thank the writers who've inspired and enabled me.

I'm rambling.

Your letter feels genuine and passionate and generous and you've totally made my week. What I mean is, my week ahead is going to feel crazy busy and stressful with the move and everything, but now I feel as if you're in my corner.


P.S. I haven't heard the David Usher song before but am now in love with it and added it to my list. I wasn't able to find it at I-Tunes though.

P.S.S. Thank you.

Alana said...

Donna, we all have great taste in writers. Look where we are. Anyway, you're so in my list of tops, regardless of genre, whatever. But you already knew that. :-)

Alana said...

Neve, hi, hey; how are you?

It is such a compliment. :-)

Emerald said...

Danielle, your description here was so beautiful. I have been at a retreat this weekend so I have not been reading blogs much and am starting to catch up. I actually stopped here before going to Alana's — I now feel eager to visit her to see what so inspired you.

But I certainly understand feeling inspired by her in general. I have as well.

Danielle said...

alana, this telepathic conection..that how i feel like with a huge part of your work..for real..its like you shot me with an arrow right through my heart...there is so much inside me i dont speak or write about..but your work..makes me feel like i have get rid of it...and as you see through the coments..i m not the only way who feels deeply touched by your work and words...

and i m glad that you like the song..because somehow for me that song is always conected/in my mind when i read your blog posts...

Danielle said...

naughty naughty emerald..glad you stopped here :-)..and i m happy we share the same feelings towards alana..:-)

Danielle said...

alana...when i read ny own post again i wasnt sure if it came right out what i wnated to say..i wrote " she is not just a lovely person/ person to love..but i mean not ONLY but,,,,just to put things right..:-)

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