Friday, July 3, 2009

they dont like me at ikea anymore..

there was this thing that i really craved for my balkony..a mobile..i really cant remember the english word for it but its made of of those thingies on the picture just much cooler in a fab 70ies design..okay...i saw them at ikea in the netherlands ( where i happen to be quite often since i m living only 10 minutes from the dutch border) but wasnt sure it fits on my balkony so i went home..made the meassurments and dicided a few days later that i really need that fucker of a non-sense item and so i drove back to ikea...when i arrived i cound finde any of those mobiles anymore..and so i build up to one of the ikea workes..gave him my kindest smile..and thats what happened:

me( in a very slow voice): do you speak..german? ( i hate to ask that question since no one speaks german normally)

him(with a puzzled look):
me: yesnoyesok?
him: ergh*...
me: pardon?
him: a little bit...

me: great! you had those fab mobiles inhere and they are gone are they now?

him: if it isnt there we dont have them anymore...

me: any chance that you just put them into another shelf or display them somewhere else now?

him: if it isnt there we dont have them anymore...

me: stock? just one?

him: if it isnt there we dont have them anymore...

me: but maybe you can order them?

him: if it isnt there we dont have them anymore

me: okay sir...just one question.please answer it totally you actually happen to know what a mobile is?

him: i...yes????

i really wasnt satisfied with that i grabbed a piece of paper and quickly drawed a mobile, a baby duck (which actually looked more like a t-rex) and a kriketball

me(handing him the drawings): please point on the mobile...dont think!just point!

well..he pointed on the mobile and i really was upset since he really knew what a mobile was and..i just didnt saw myself leaving with the stuff i was needing..

so i turned around and startet to investigate one of those low-price specials..and there..deep burried under frames by the name of söresssonis and cups by the name of klarkejäwied..there where my i grabbed one..went back to him and just said..okay mate..if someone else needs a mobile they are overthere...and he just shrugged his shoulder in such a little girl manner and whisteled "okayyyy" that i just had to burst into laughter....but i think that they dont like me anymore in that store,..because when i came back from paying the damned thing the man was standing there with some other ikea guys and pointed out on me a la "that the worst customer ever"...i just waved back happily...i have a mobile and my godsons will love it..hehe*

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