Tuesday, July 13, 2010

just a quick hello...

hey y´all (as ms moon says:-)..how are you doing? i m all under the pile of my work again..its like running in a hamster wheel..dunno if that makes sens eto you but thats how it feels like somehow:-)
i m busy finishing two stories...another article and also prepare the questions for two interviews which i ll do pretty soon...each one with a special person/lady and i m sure u´d be exited to read them....so..i keep the good stuff rolling in:-)

asid ethat i enjoy the sun on my balkony...i really do..i love the heat...just suffer under the persons* arround me who suffer under the heat and dont stop to tell me they do...i mean..whats wrong with you guys??? in winter you hate the cold..and want sun..in summer you hate the ehat and want it cool?????

i m also writing on a critical post for this blog..involviong a crytical view on certain society related things...i hope to finish it today..its not very long..its just the problem that i dont have enough time...damn...anyway...u ll hear me later...:-)

* you should go and ask ms moon how it is to liove somehwere where its really hot AND humid...not just the bit warmth we have here in germany


Jo said...

The bit warmth, he says. No empathy, Danielle, no empathy.

Still, it's all grey here now, and there's rain and thunderstorms forecast. My park/petting zoo plans for thursday may be a tad optimistic.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh Danielle- I wish you could come visit, see for yourself how it really is to live here. It's hard but you know- we get these trees and these butterflies because of it. Trade-offs I will gladly make.

Petit fleur said...

I'm with Ms Moon on this one... do come and visit! Just not in summer. :-)

Mwa said...

I swear I don't complain about the heat when I'm not hugely pregnant. Which you should try, by the way, if you were directing that remark at me. ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

We don't get as hot up here in Pennsylvania as they do in the south, but we do have our 100 degree days, and lots of humidity.

I really don't like the humidity.

I'll take those German summers any day!

I hope your writing goes well, Danielle!