Saturday, November 14, 2009

its raining reviews...

i know i know i bore you already with my reviews but its so cool for me to get so much love from the states:-)

aside that my day was full of hanging out with mini-santiago..we went to the book sale in the public library where he snatched himself copies of modern biology, midnight stories , a cake for grandfather and one book called the snuggle we have something to read for the bed time..:-) then we went cloth shopping which was boring as hell for both of us..we arent big shoppers..maybe for books yes..but clothes are rather uninteresting...then we came home..kiddo had promised me oven potatos and chicken basil pasties but then he dropped down saying: duh..i had have such a busy day..lets make pizza instead..what he did..the pizza turned out as 3 big pizzas in the end..with all kind of stuff on it like hungarian salami, french cheese, ham, pinneapples, hot peppers, fresh champignons,half dried tomatos and i dont know what....along with a really good wine i recently discovered (for me not for the kiddo of course:-)...

so that was my day..and when i came home i had all your lovely coments and emails here to make my days even better..along the emails were a message of a lurker of thsi blog who told me there was another review for surferboys on amazon...which i like to share with you

By Amos Lassen (Little Rock, Arkansas) -

There is something about a surfer boy that creates fantasies in the minds of many gat men. I suppose it has something to do with the sun-kissed healthy look of the long, lean boys who spend their time on the waves. Of course the broad shoulders and the blonde hair may also have something to do with it but there is something irresistible about a surfer stud.
Neil Placky gives us an anthology of erotic stories about the sexual activities of those boys on the beaches whose bodies glisten with the surf and who glow from the sun. All of the nineteen stories are hot and the very cream of gay erotica contributed to this collection--the editor himself, Aaron Michaels, Gavin Atkins, Martin Delacroix, P.A. Brown, Christopher Pierce and others.
The boys surf everywhere--Japan, Hawaii, Cape Cod and they have romantic interludes that range from tender to raw sex. We see the beach as a place other than a sandy area but as a playground for men who love men. The book is good erotic fun and the stories are fast paced and erotic to the meaning of the word.

i think thats another really great review of the book and i m very happy about it for neil plakcy who is an awsome editor and really helped me to make my story "sleeping in the sand" what it is..:-) so thank you amos lassen for reading and reviewing our little pretty book:-)


Ms. Moon said...

Jessie and I just read this and we are cracking up. One minute you're talking about Snuggle Bunny bedtime stories and the amazing food this child makes (really- he is like a genius, right?) and the next thing is about hot surfer boys.
We think you're really something special, Mr. Santiago and thanks for making us laugh so late at night.

Danielle said...

ms moon & jessie

i m a cracker eh?..:-) i m like that in real too..i jump back and forth between topics and subjects and confuse and entertain my conversation partners with taht all the cousin nina and my sister jade always roll their eyes when i do..:-)

the kiddo is often close to be genius..sometime she is jsut a lil monster but even then a smart one..hehe*

special? isnt that american for dissabled?:-))) naw, just kidding..thank you very much....i didnt had breakfast yet but a compliment..thats a awsome way to start the sunday..:-)

Petit fleur said...


Better to be raining reviews than raining shit... Great news for you!

Also, if mini-Santi ever wants to come to the states and hang, he has got a place with us. Sounds like someone my 4 year old would adore. (Pack the cook book just in case he is bitten by the cooking bug while he is here!) That pizza sounds dreamy. Such imaginative toppings. yummy! Nobody at our house can resist pizza. Ever.

Ah, yea...Surfer boys are fun to look at. I used to work for an "older" surfer boy. He was a real booty hound! But a sweet fun lovin guy underneath all the howling at the moon. Um, he owned a restaurant. That is where I worked. After re-reading that it sounded a little misleading. Anyway, good times.
pf Hugs to the chef!

Jo said...

I know some people relegate sex to behing closed doors most of the time. But I think it's just not like that for everybody. I know oversexualising life can make others uncomfortable, but it should be fun, not creepy, and I hope then it's alright!

I'm so with Danielle - my lactation councelor friend laughed at me for following the Friends of Breastfeeding site post with the gay pornstar post. But who's to say that parenting and sexuality shouldn't live happily in the same house?

Heh, a cracker. Like this?

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

he wants to! i mean to go to america..we ll take him and mini-santi2 on vacations next summer to france ...but he already speaks about new york, florida, alaska ect..places he wants do visit..:-)

i love those "older" surfers and ..even more ..older hippies..gosh..those people have a certain aura and magic..:-)


Danielle said...

@ jo

we are so*.only in case that alike is a word..if not ..then we are something else which is similar..:-) but i really jump on and off the subject train..:-)

Petit fleur said...

Not sure where we'll be in the next few years. We want to be out west, however, there's a better chance we may be moving to Orlando... Where Disney World is.

I'm not thrilled about living in that area, but if you are a kid, it's a great place to visit. keep you Santis posted.
Peace to you,