Monday, November 9, 2009

some more surfing...

you can finde the foreword of the surferboys-anthology over at ..which is also very very nice for me since my story is mentioned in the foreword..i know that might is silly of me but it really makes me happy..:-)

surferboys foreword by editor neil plakcy

On my first visit to California, many years ago, I spent an afternoon at Huntington Beach, watching a line of slim young guys in wetsuits dare the crashing waves. I must have taken a whole roll of film of those neoprene-clad surf masters.

Years later, when I set out to write my first mystery novel, Mahu, I wanted my hero to be a surfer. I was entranced by their mastery of the waves—and how innately sexy I thought they were.

Four novels later, I still think surfers are sexy—and obviously many of you do, too, because I received lots of great submissions for this anthology.

When you think about surfing, you probably think of Hawaii first—I know I do, because of my mystery series set there. But there are great waves all around the world, from Australia to the Jersey shore, Cocoa Beach to California. The stories here span the globe, but what they all have in common is handsome, sexy surfers who love other men.

From the romantic lyricism of Danielle de Santiago’s “Sleeping in the Sand” to the down and dirty sexiness of Bearmuffin’s “T-Room Surfers,” there’s something for every surf lover here. You’ll journey to Australia, Tunisia, Oregon, Cape Cod, and Malibu among many other delightful destinations.

Surf’s up dude—hope this book does the same for you!


Jo said...

Ahhh, Point Break.

Danielle said...

point break??? lookspuzzled*