Monday, November 9, 2009

my new column: Boys vers. girls or why the genders still live on seperated planets

just a few days ago the new alley cat issue came out and is now availeble in stores all over germany..even though i liked alley cat before this issue is especially great for me since it includes the first episode of my new column-series "männersache"...this column is also very special to me since i had wonderful fellow writers, artists and ikons such as donna george storey, susie bright, midori, kristina lloyd ect, who were so generous to let me quote them in my column..a big thank you for really acompanied me awsomly:-)

and yes..thats a vibrator add next to my head/next page..its by the brand fun factory and i actually didnt payed attention to the add until i showed the column to my grandmother and she asked me what those multicolored thingies are...ventilator i said..without blushing


Ms. Moon said...

I wonder if you are giving your grandmother enough credit. Then again, maybe best to keep her as in the dark as possible.

Donna said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you have half of Germany in love with you now ;-).

Danielle said...

@ms moon

i love my grandma like crazy...but she is really..different when it come sto sexual things..married age a virgin..during the clinton-lewinski -case she asked me what fellatio is..i told her..her face turned red-green--then white..her answer: if someone would ask me to do this horrible thing i d rather jump out of the window!!!

Danielle said...

@ donna

with those wonderful statements of you and the others for sure!!!

Craig Sorensen said...

Taking Germany by storm! Congrats to you, Danielle!

Oh, and I love the tale of your Grandma.

Danielle said...

@ craig

thank you


my grandmother is often very funny without wanting it..i totally love her

Petit fleur said...

My grammy was the same. Then one day after she got elzheimer's I heard her say cock sucker, and I think I went into shock! I didn't even know she knew these words!

So, where is this picture? I saw no vibrators on this post!

Danielle said...

hey petit fleur
you followed me home! can i keep you now?:-)

the vibs are on tthe next page..on the pic you see just a red something...i guess i ll have to get you a better picture of it..:-)

Petit fleur said...

Mr. Danielle,

You are such an articulate flirt!

I do enjoy reading your comments over at BOH. Are you signing copies of your manuscript for your bloggie buddies??

Seriously, Congratulations.. and keep up the good work!

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur
oh thank you ! thats good to hear because i m always worried about my limited vocabulary and wonder half of the time if anything i say/write makes sense at all...:-)

sure i sign books and stuff..sometimes also my horrible autograph cards..:-)

i do my best to keep the good work up..i m already working on my next column:-)

May said...

So lovely to see your name in print, AND they gave you such a big picture! Do you publish a lot? This makes me wish I was fluent in German. Such a tease to see it and not be able to read.

Danielle said...

@ may

thank you:-)

yes the pic is pretty big indeed..a bit..weired...

hm..i publish here and there..but its the first time that there is my face next to my have to get used to that

the column actually is all about what women want and why society keeps them from having a sexual identity...maybe i should translate some of it..hmm*

May said...

Yes. I would love to find out what women want and why society keeps us from having a sexual identity. Do tell.

Petit fleur said...

Holy Mackerel! Yes, please DO translate it immediately! I'm sure all us women folk would like to know the answer to that one!