Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So...I m sorry I join all of you so late in this discussion. I really want to say how surprised and overwhelmed I am by the reaction and all the comments this subject has received so far. Actually I m so happy about the whole discussion that I decided to start a new blog just for the purpose of discussions on subjects like that because it reminded me on my days in berlin when I still had some kind of literary salon and would have guests every week who would come for wine and discussion. So, that’s how my new blog the absinth room came into life. This blog is meant to be a new platform for those who want to discuss so called “sensible” subjects open or anonymously (you also can guestblog anonymously about a subject which is too “racy” for your own blog) and I hope for a lot of interesting conversations there. This blog is meant to be dedicated to the discussion itself and since I don’t want it to be all about me and my opinion I also will invite guest blogger to write about subjects worth drooling, fighting and discuss about it.
So come please and visit
If you like to become a guestblogger please mail to desantiago at gmx dot de


Erobintica said...

Very cool idea Danielle!!!

Anonymous said...

Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you will not have a leg to stand on. ....................................................

Petit fleur said...

I really dig this! Also LOVE the name. Love the drink!

When do we start??! haha. I'm going to jump over and check it out.
xo pf

Allegra Smith said...

and here I was bringing the only reason why polyamori is wrong:

"Polyamory is wrong! Is either multiamory or polyphilia but mixing greek and lating roots? Wrong!"

Thank you for stopping by. I am in bed with an ice pack-belt and next Monday they want to take another x-ray and I probably end with some form of a back brace, a la Frida Kahlo maybe.

I hope everyone in the de Santiago household is healthy and happy and btw, how did the mushroom turned out? Hugs from here.