Monday, February 22, 2010

rejection, really?

i hate rejection..i really do...especially when i m sick like a sock puppet (as shanna would say) and so it didnt better my mood when i got an email by an editor which i really really adore telling me that i m not going to be in their next book..not because of the quality of the story but about the fact that i had been in so many of their books recently and they wanna give some space to new writers...and the story will be in the next issue of that its not really a rejection because i worked a lot with them already and will again next year..but still..sigh* it made me feel crappy....kinda sad after all since i love that series of books a lot...
actually and to be honest i didnt had a rejection in a long while..i m so not used to it anymore..maybe this is a good lesson to be demure again..:-/


P.S. Haven said...

Never gets easy, does it? No matter how many 'yeses' you get, that 'no thanks' always stings.

Jo said...

I want to know, on a scale of 1-10, how much this post pisses off your readers who are more au fait with rejection :)

Danielle said...

@ p.s

no..somehow it never gets easy...its a pain in the ego...:-)

Danielle said...

@ jo

i dont wanna piss off anyone but i had to write about it..since..well...since!!!

Ms. Moon said...

No. I understand. But demur? Oh, Danielle. Somehow I can not see you as demur but I love the image of you trying to be.
Good morning!

Jo said...


Petit fleur said...

Hang in there you! Even if it feels like a rejection, really, it's just rescheduling and well rejection practice! We all need that, and this is a sort of "soft" rejection, no?

We still love you and will read whether or rejecting or ejecting... hee hee! I made a funny!

Seriously, I hope your cold gets better soon. That makes everything sort of unbearable to me. So I wish wellness for you.

Danielle said...

ms moon..i so try to be demure...with hair to teh side..blushing face..eyes to the ground..but..ah you know..i ll try for the good cause even thats not really me..:-))))

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

ah thats so good to hear!!!

and thank you for the well wishes...i seriously need them..i cough like a bullfrog on wheed!!!

Mwa said...

Rejection sucks. Always. The end.

Petit fleur said...

A bullfrog on weed?! Now that's calls for some hot toddy. Lots of tea with whiskey and locally produced honey if you can get it.

Warm wishes for you and mini. Hope he doesn't get sick too.

Shanna Germain said...

Aw, damn. I'm sorry. I never does get easier.. well, it gets easier, but it never gets EASY. :P

You'll get 'em next time!

All This Trouble... said...

About seven years ago, my husband received the very best evaluation of his career. A month and a half later, his supervisor informed him via answering machine he was being fired.

So, I say it should be coming up roses for you before you know it. Maybe they'll ask to publish an All Santiago edition!

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