Friday, June 25, 2010

cucumber soup anyone?

so still busy busy busy bee that i am i didnt wrote for a few days again...i m all under the pile of my work...a few more horrorstories i have tofinish, columns which are allready late, articles and erotica..even worse..romance!!! ah i can not tell u how afraid i am of writing romance..its not that i m not a romantic person...i m just afraid of real life when something romantic is done or happends..i have to be ironic or funny about it otherwise it crushs me emotionally under its back then in paris where i was with j. it was our first holiday together..and know..the city of love...what could be more romantic? while my heavy alcoohlic lover and i hastened, for j´s work, from fashion show to fashion show..from parties to bars and back..there was still a lot romance i had to avoid..pretending not to see it,..or making the moment pass by as soon as possible by turning it from romantic into hot and arroussed...until the last evening..where j. had a special surprise for me..above the roofs of the nightly paris...full moon ( will i ever be able again to write moon and not think about ms moon and her wonderfull family??) , eifeltower and the river right in view..special words and all..and there i couldnt escape anymore...j. had tricked me by turning a hot moment into a romantic moment so i was lost..okay...i said..its romantic and pretty..what? said j pretending not to hear me..AHH SHIT::ITS FUCKING ROMANTIC i screamed over the roofs...yes it is..j. nooded satiesfied...anyway...i admire writers like kristina wright and janine ashbless for beeing able to write such wonderful romantic stories...but me? so..that where i am..trying to write a romantic story and try to avoid cheesy words...

anyway...we dont live on romance have to eat too and so i want to share last nights dinner with you...

cucumber soup...

i know i some it sounds slimy but it isnt..i swear!
you need :

6 cucumbers
300 gramm creme legere or creme fresh
400 milliliters of dry or better half dry white wine..i recoment a white bordeaux
1 liter water
instant brew after ur own taste
smoked salmon as much as u like
capers ( the small green ones) after ur own gusto
salt ( kosher salt if possible)
freshly grounded pepper ( black of course)
some butter ( i usually take salty french butter for this)
6 scallions ( i usually take more because i love them) u have to peel all the cucumbers...then cut them into two pieces and take out the wet seedy part
cut them into small pieces...the scallions as well..peel them..cut them into heat the butter quickly in a huge pot..when its all hot and liquid put the cucumbers and the scallions in..stirr them in the hot butter for about five minutes..until they look a bit "glass-like"..then add the water..the brew and the wine...stir it all..cook it for 15 minutes on the point until the cucumbers get soft...then use a hand blender and..u know..blend the liquid and the cucumbers into a smooth and perfect soup ....then add the creme fresh..the dill..whisk and stir it all...add pepper and salt...put the soup on plates or in bowls...put smoked salmon pieces and capers on top..and et voila..a tasty tasty dish u love it...i know it looks not sooo nice..but it really is..i swear!


Emerald said...

That soup sounds lovely!

Your description of yourself around romance reminded me of the song "Leave a Tender Moment Alone" by Billy Joel. :) I have always interpreted that song to be saying something similar to what you described. I myself have never felt particularly oriented toward "romantic," to the degree that I don't even always feel really aware of what the word means or refers to....

Anyway, now I feel hungry! ;)


Jo said...

I don't really know what to say to this, Dan.

Nice story though, I'm glad she gotcha :)

Danielle said...

@ emerald

it is really delish and so easy to prepare...:-)

well..i totally understand what u mean...i recognise the things what others think is romantic..but i m not always sure what people conect to the word...for me romantic is going and hunt a huge animal and lay it in front of my sweethearts door..there..look..i killed it just for you..its still warm!

Danielle said...

@ jo

to the soup? or the j.?

i told you the beginning of the story once...when we were standing on the bridge above the river...

May said...

I can't think of anything truly romantic set up for me. I would like it in theory but I think I would be shy and hide my face. Perhaps one of the reasons I date such assholes is because I grow uncomfortable when others try to do for me. Hmmm, you've made me think. As usual.
Also- the soup sound wonderful. And Mama was just lamenting all the cucumbers in her garden....

Jo said...

um.. I have forgotten that...


Of course not to the soup. I might try the soup, just because I trust in you - but what instead of the salmon??

JulSalvenmoser said...

ich weiß nicht wo ich dir antworten soll, du hast so viele blogs - deshalb hier.

Ich hab ne EOS400D mit nem Sigmaobjektiv (18-200mm).
Und ich mag nur die Taschen von der Fotostrecke und die Fotos an sich, sind schön.

Dankesehr :)

Petit fleur said...

Soup sounds like a great summer slurp! I have an overflow of cukes currently from the lovely Ms Moon's generous garden.

Hmm... I am of the opinion that romance is best mixed with humor also. Humor and candid connection. Who says humor is not romantic or real..? I say it is whatever or whomever you think it is... for me it is any person or situation that reminds me of deep beauty and connection and a feeling of being intoxicated about life. Although the feelings may be universal in nature, what triggers it may be different for each of us.

Good luck, and may I congratulate you on your recent brush with romance!

Danielle said...

@ may

do you mind me quoting you?

"me too, me too"


ha.,.then get some of ur mamas cucumbers and try out that soup..would like to know if u liked it:-)

Danielle said...

@ jo about rocket salat instead of salmon???

Danielle said...

@ julsalmo bist mir ja nach hause gefolgt:-)

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

as always the voice full of wisdom ...i truly enjoy ur insightfull coments over and over again...:-)

Ms. Moon said...

Oh Danielle- The cucumber soup- tomorrow night!
Romance. It is scary. It is saying that we are opening our eyes and not just our legs. You know?
I think you do.
Tomorrow night is the full moon. Let's all howl and let go of it all for a moment, okay?

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh, I'm going to try the soup! (Without the salmon though...)

The romance in my stories isn't about grand gestures and giving gifts (dead animals or otherwise!). It's all about enduring suffering for the sake of the one you love. Characters in my erotica usually have a fun time, but the poor characters lured into my erotic romance go through absolute hell!

Mwa said...

I'd like a bit more romance. I used to not cope with it, but then Babes wore me down.

Actually, I wouldn't mind some more hot and aroused either. :-)

Jo said...

Janine - Dan suggested rocket. I love the idea of erotic romance being far more miserable than erotica :) A new perspective!

Jo said...

Oops, he suggested it here too - sorry!

Danielle said...

@ ms moon

tell me how u like dthat soup!

and i m so with you for that howling at the moon:.:-)

uh uh..funny images in my head!

Danielle said...

@ janine

well..yes..but lets face it.. u handle romance with all its hooks and traps so sublime and great..i wouldnt love ur books otherwise:-)

enjoy the soup:-)