Saturday, June 26, 2010

lurkers, roses and local eating....

so..both mwa and i tried to ..delurk??? our lurkers...i mean..i asked really really a "its past midnight take off your masks!!"-way...but no one but my faithfull blogland fellows demasked themself..i guys are so many..and i can see you..loook at the picture..u can see why not beeing nice and saying at least hellO?

anyway...from lurkers to romance... since i m still caught up in romance-writing..well trying to write romance rather fits what i m doing..anyway..what do most conect with romance? yes..roses...and since my aunt elisa collects roses and she bought a few new ones the other day which were planted yesterday i thought i join them for a drink and having alook on the new roses for all of voila..roses...

so lets hop from lurkers and roses to know that i m a fan of eating local products and support my local shops and farmers by buing their products and luckily there are a lot chnaterelle mushrooms arround lately which i m a huge fan of..usually u harvest them in autumn as far as i know but soime farmers have chanterelles which grow the whole year as it seems yesterday i bought a basket of those intense smelling and wonderfull little wonders to cook pasta with princess beans and chanterelle mushrooms...

u need :
800 gramm green beans..i mix princess beans and garden beans
salt and pepper as usuall
200 gramm breakfast beacon (in dont eat that since i dont eat pork but mini loves it)
600 gramm chnaterelles
2 red onions
2 garlic cloves
penne..well..i hadnt penne so i took fettuccine which wasnt a good choice..please stick to the penne
6 spoons of oliveoil
2 sppons butter
lemon juice
a bit of cream

so..start with cleaning the beans..and cook them slowly for about 13-15 minutes..let them still have some "bite"
then start boiling water for the pasta
clean the chanterelles..but try to avoid the use of water if possible
chop the onions an dthe garlic in small pieces
piut the pasta in the boiling water and add some salt..meanhwile take the beans out of the water...
now heat the oil in a large and heavy pan ...put the bacon in until its all crisp and smells nicely...add the garlic and the onions..cook for two mor eminute swhile u stirr..put it all aside on a plate
now put some mor eoil and butte rin the pan..heat it up really high and cook the chanterelles in that strongly for about 4-6 minutes
add the time..leaves onyl please...put the onions, bacon and garlic back into the pan with the mushrooms..stirr it all...add lemonjuice...salt..pepper..a bit oregano is nice as can leave it like that but if u r me (which is a lot of fun) u add some half dry white wine and some cream or creme turn the heat down..add the beans..whisk it all..mix it just as if there is no tomorrow...take teh pasta out of the water...mix it with the beans, chnaterelles and all in a huge bowl..add fresh parmesan if you like to..but thats optional..not optional is a wonderful glas of redwine you should have along with this nice and aromatic dish...i know it dont looks good on the pic..mainly because of the misplaced fettuccine but its worth a try to cook and enjoy this tasty dish..:-)


Jo said...

The Case of The Misplaced Fettucine :)

Yum, Dan. I like the roses. Specially the third one and the last one.

I don't know why delurkers delurk. Sometimes people only click looking for the pictures. But that can't account for all of yours.

I think you should do a 'Should Danielle do a naked photo shoot' poll and make them delurk to vote :)

Donna said...

Chanterelles?! OMG, they are one of the most complex, seductive foods on earth (also quite earthy).

Danielle, you don't have to try at romance, you ARE romance. And I second Jo's suggestion that you do a naked photo shoot. Might get yourself on the covers of some romance novels in more ways than one!

Petit fleur said...

I agree with Donna.

And love the roses.

Marina said...

D's doing a naked photo shoot??? I'm there!!!

Danielle said...

@ jo

hahaah yes! sound slike the title for some mystery

the last one is my aunt fav too in the moment:-) just say that because filament dont you?:-)

Danielle said...

@ donna

thats why they are my fav mushrooms..all that dark and earthy goodness! so complex and still so simple in their aroma..

soon i ll strip of some layer sof my soul over at your fstop-house...maybe another kind of strip will follow:-)

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

no wonder that you love the roses..look at you you are one yourself:-)

Danielle said...

@ marina

if i do you are of course more then welcome:-)
someone has to hold my towl :-)

Ms. Moon said...

Thank-you for bringing us roses. We love them. You know that.
And I think we are both hungry tonight. I wish I could trade you some eggplant for mushrooms...

Helga Hansen said...

First-time visitor, and happy to delurk. I shall be back to dig a little more into your blog... tschüssie!

Danielle said...

@ ms moon

i have seen ur eggplants!!! though that would be some good trading:-)

Danielle said...

@ helga

ha..finally! mask off and all...:-)

thank you for visiting me :-)