Thursday, November 4, 2010

..are you..too school for cool?

i know i know..some people say that i m cool and funny...sometimes magazines write flattering things about me ..really flattering things:-) but truth is..when i was a kid...i was far from beeing flattered by anyone...nobody liked me..i was short, thin as a stick, introverted and i was painfully shy and actually AFRAID of other kids...that kept on going until i was like 13 or 14..until then i barely had contact to any other people my age because i really was afraid of them...i would do anything to avoid away, hide..stay inside..when i had to walk down the street and pass by someone my age..or god forbid..a group of 2-3 ...i would sweat, my heartbeat would explode and i would almost die...nobody really liked me because i was all nerdy and ..differnet..i liked other things then they liked..i read books all the time...i hated soccer...sports in general..everything that involved getting out of my clothes because i also was totally ashamed of my body....other kids tortured me..because i was ugly faced...i was simply wrong..a insult to the society of the cool kids...of course i wasnt...i was wonderful, smart, i was a beautiful creature..but they didnt know that..and i didnt know it either back it doesent seem strange to anyone that i have a big soft spot for the outsiders and underdogs..i always have more love for the unloved one sthen for the popular ones...i rather buy a drink for the girl with the thick glasses then for a i m not alone with that idea..someone else who sees it taht way is the wonderful pink aka alecia moore..i mean damn ..i LOVE pink...i totally would love to get drunk with her and build a pepsi/mentos bomb or anything similar silly...and not only that pink looks like a dude..a dude with lipstick that is...but she also seem to be bale to drink like an irish farmer..and makes might fine musik...especially her new song "raise your glass" which si all about the outhsiders, the underdogs and the so not popular ones..please follow me to:
RAISE YOUR GLASS and let me know what you think.... oh the video starts after a 15 second add for some garbage.:-(

oh..and i have a spare copy..i that the right word...anyway..i have a copy of the recent issue of p.o.-magazine left..inthere my article about female submission and my interview with the awesome kristina if you would like to have that copy ( even if you dont read german that magazine is full of pics to look at..naughty pics that is) then put your name in my hat by comenting and letting me know how you are wrong in all the right ways..


Jo said...

I can't do the list of all the things that were wrong with me when I was a kid, most of it doesn't feel far enough away today. The shyness is gone, at least.

Nice song. Sad post. An 'it gets better' post, I suppose, though. Still, I wish it hadn't been like that for you.

Mwa said...

Well I like naughty pictures AND I can read German, so how can I not comment?

I don't find it a sad post. I was exactly that kid, until I was maybe 16 and I suppose I still am. I am taller than most, have greying hair, wavy curly unruly hair. Also, I like reading and maths and history and I don't like makeup or going out late or too many people. But it all gets better and when I went to university I found other people who liked my jokes and didn't care that I didn't look like a dolly and who appreciated that I like to think and sing classical music and laugh at rude things. As I'm sure did you.

So hurray for the underdog and the underappreciated! Hurray for you and hurray for me!!!

Ms. Moon said...

Danielle, you already know how wrong I am in the all the right ways.
But I think Mwa should get the magazine because she can read German and she loves naughty pictures more than life itself.
Okay. Maybe not that much.
You're darling. I wish you'd known that when you were a boy. (I would have told you.)

Jo said...

I have to say, I have to concratulate the photographer on the underarm sideboob-shot in that first photo.

Craig Sorensen said...

I was a little kid in school. One of the smallest in my grade and skinny as a post. I didn't get picked on too much, I managed to blend into the background. I was never one of the "in crowd" and as time has gone on, I've been grateful for that.

Anyway, I'm one to whoop it up for the underdog too...

May said...

I walk past a school every day and sometimes I see some really interesting young boy or girl that I just know is going to grow up to be absolutely gorgeous... I bet you were one of those. I always want to tell them that it will get so much better, but then I think that maybe, in the space they are in now, I do not look like better to them. So I walk on by. They'll get theirs.
And those girls in glasses on whom you make passes? You make them so happy.

Petit fleur said...

I'm sorry you suffered like that. Especially as a child. It sounds almost the same as PTSD symptoms. (The panic, shaking sweating) It's no wonder you have a tender heart.

I will indeed follow you to the video and see if I can limp through the article.
xo pf

Janine Ashbless said...

Nope, all I get is the ad for Meine Coolsten Clips. But Pink is great. Clever and humane and passionate - the three things I like best in a person. And so hot!

And yes, I was an outsider kid too. But I had the luxury of just sticking my nose in a book and ignoring the world.

Justine Elyot said...

I was nicknamed Odd Bod at school. I really was too.

I would very much love your magazine interview with Kristina too - I learned a bit of German at school and would relish the opportunity to practise my rusty translation skills.

Danielle said...

ah ..thank you all :-) i love how you are all underdogs and weirdos just like me..:-)