Saturday, November 6, 2010

round round baby round round...

so...the second round is running for my free give away contest for the recent issue of po-magazin....yesterdays winner was justine elyot so..who is next? i dont know yet since i ll take names in ym hat until midnight then i ll have my two cousins over for spanish chicken, salad and cocktails and we will all be drunk and it will be my cousin nina who will blindly pic the next winners name from my fedora...

so far are following name sin my* ym head fo course too
Craig Sorenson
Petit Fleur
Janine Ashbless

i hope i missed no one ...if i missed you just scream or email me or send me smoke signs or a post pigeon..whatever..just make me notice that i have missed your name:-)

po-magazine is a awsome adult magazine full of juicy bits and pics about erotic subjects...the right mix of articles, sex education, hot stories and sexy copy is still left..a verxy adventerous copy becaus ethis one has been sent to our beloved kristina lloyd not only once but twice and came back!! both times..since kristina has another copy by now this one is back in the ring and cant await to get send out to its new owner...


Ms. Moon said...

What is Spanish chicken, dear?

Danielle said...

oh spanish chicken is a esay spanish chicken actually almost cooks itself...should i post pics and recipe tomorrow?

its like oven chicken with rosmary potatos..just spanish style..:-)

Petit fleur said...

I'm not sure what's going on around here, but I'm in~