Monday, June 22, 2009

alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland has always been my favourite book..especially when i was a child and my mother read it to me..maybe because she never made me believe that it was a book for children..its a weired and wild ride through drug abuse, alcoholism , hallucination..its about running away and finding yourself..about domination and submission..when i was a child i thought its about me..that points a bad light on my childhood i guess but what can i do..anyway...tim burton films recently
his own version of alice in wonderland and judging by the first look on it it will be awsome...with a cast like h bonham carter, johnny depp and anne hathaway and many more it must be another genius piece of burtons work...with the typical burton look mais oui..dark yet colorfull costumes..the typical burtonesque victorian style...and with johnny depp as the mad hatter..i m sure he has not much to act and play to appear mad..he is just made for roles like that..really cant wait to see*..2010


Erobintica said...

Hi. I followed you home. ;-) Thanks for commenting on my blog. Adding you to my bloglist so I can keep track.

And I had not heard about this movie yet - Tim Burton & Alice in Wonderland?!!!! With that cast?!!! Yes, 2010 is too far away (though the way time is flying lately it'll be here sooner than we'd like).

Danielle de Santiago said...

you followed me home?..does that mean i can keep you???..:-))))

thx for adding...added you on my bloglist too:-)