Friday, June 26, 2009

tonight is one of those hot and humid summer nights which always remind me of the time i spend down in louisianna..the bayou state. i used to travel a lot to the states..always to miami, atlanta, charlston, baton rouge, lake charles and new orleans of course..down to the dirty south..i remeber when i went there the first time..i arrived at 3 in the morning..tired from a flight which had lastet for 9 hours or so...but when i went out into the night..what can i say..the first time my foot touched louisianna ground i was in love with it....i came back ..again and again...and here in europe..we rarely have those nights...its hot and you know the thunderstorm is can taste the electricy in the stroll listen to the city below your window...drink direkt from the bottle..sweat runs and your skin is hungry..your fingers are hungry...i think of the lights of the city as they disapered behind me that night..the night when i went out of town to an adress which was scribbled on a crumbled-up piece of paper...the first two cabs didnt want to bring me there...i dont drive there , mister cabdriver better wouldnt too , he added with a strange look up and down me....i rember the dark trees on both sides of the streets..blues on the radio...plastic roses and old postcards glued in the edges of the windows...i remeber the things i was asked to and dry underneath my sweaty fingertips...i could taste the swamp ..the bayou..on my tongue...the humid air made my jewfro how my friends called it when they teased me..curl up...and sweat left traces of salt along my neck and my chest...the thunderstorm was coming...its one of those nights again...i remember because i have been there...its such a night where anything can you as well

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