Thursday, June 25, 2009

you are sticky and sweet, colored black, dont look back and i love you

during the last years it has become chic to use crema di balsamico on almost everything for example on..uhm..anything...i m not a big fan of "trends" and "chic" but i like this crema too ..just in a more modest for salads or for example desserts...and a while ago i even found out how to make that sticky sweet stuff at home..which is even a better reason to poor it over anything in your if you are a friend of food in general and italian in special..well..cook your own crema di balsamico..its really not a big deal but totaly tasty...

caramelize 2 eating spoons of white sugar in a pot..erase it with about 150 ml aceto balsamico vinegar and add then 150 ml port wine as well as 150 ml deep dark and fruity red wine...whisk it all slowly and thoughtfully while you whistle "thats amoreeeee" and reduce the mixture on middle heat for about 50 minutes until the creme becomes a tasty and sticky syrup like texture...well done...i m sure out there are some people who like it sticky and sweet things..:-)

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