Monday, June 22, 2009

i need a muse... wants to kiss me...

only a few weeks left for me to write short fiction until i start to focus on my novel only...i tried really hard to write on my novel and to work on short fiction aside that..but..somehow the plot ..or rather say the atmosphere of the short stories i was working on always oozed into my novel i decided to stop writing short fiction for a while and concentrate on my book..which is pretty hard for me since i love LOVE writing short stories..well..maybe i ll write short fiction on the weekend..just for relax myself and...anyway,,,right now i m working on a piece which is dark..moist...extreme...and there is a character..not reallxy developed yet...and i seek him or her inside me..on the nightly voices under my window..between the pages of certain books..the images ...and on the ground of my favourite drinks bottle..but it do you come and kiss i can breathe life inside you?

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