Sunday, December 20, 2009

for ms moon

ms moon asked me to post pictures of the snow because she has non up in lloyd, thats what i snows since two days in a row..its freezing cold ..the wind bites through scrafs and gloves and even through mini-santiagos santa i dont wanna go out today since inside its all cozy and warm and we still bake cookies and mini-santiago decorates his first own christmas tree in his room....and since i dont wanna go out i only show you what i see from my windows and balkony:-)


Ms. Moon said...

Danielle- Thank-you! And you have made me ever-so grateful I do live in Lloyd, Florida! The poor freezing seashells, the pitiful dead salvia, the freezing cold cars and buildings and lamp posts! Yes! Keep yourself and Mini Santiago inside where it is warm and cozy and make cookies and be right jolly elves and I am thinking of you that way, warm in the midst of all that cold gray, making light and joy.

Petit fleur said...

Wow. I think it's even grayer than where we are... In fact I'm sure of it!

Do you know the song "Wouldn't it be loverly"? Those photos make me think of it because it's a song about winter, and there is a line in it that says "I would never budge till spring crept over me window sill". Ah, that would be me if I lived someplace snowy.

Stay well and keep warm.