Tuesday, December 8, 2009

what a day what a day

gosh today really was a tour de force...i had to go see the dentist with mini-santiago because he had to get 4 (in words four) primary/ milk teeth removed as well as his labial frenulum...the whole procedure under general anestethic...so we spend a long time there and mini-santiago didnt really feel like waking up, walking or talking after the whole thing..so i had to carry the poor thing home..and let me tell you a seven year old after a general anest. feels as double as heavy as before..so i brought mini-santiago home..cramed him into bed and stayed with him rubbing his belly until he could go back to sleep...then i worked on an essay and a column about porn for women which i still didnt finished and had a bit of daydreaming with my blog land crush about running away and having a place with a beach and margerithas and martinis and her running seductive up and down the beach while i work on my book...then mini-santiago woke up again and demanded more attention and finally food since he wasnt allowed to eat before the operation so i gave him arnika water and cooked him a soup right before i made him go back to bed and let him listen to a radio play until he slept again so i could write some more...then it was about time to do some more cooking (honestly it wasnt but i needed a break from my essay and cooking and drinking always puts me in a good mood..while i cooked i listened over and over again to my new fav. song by sade because sade is always great to put me in a sexy relaxed and flirty mood...

so..now you might wanna know what i cooked...i did a noodle salad with chicken, peaches, cellery and a curry-joghurt dressing as well as roast potatoes with tomatos, garlic, red onions,feta and rucola/ rocket salad..i know it dont looks good on the pics but its really tasty ..especially on a foogy and rather cold/wet day were you wanna stay in and eat something hearty...

maybe you havent cooked yet because you are one of my readers and blog land friends from far away and live in another time zone..so if you are up for something like that here comes the recipe

noodle salad with cellery and chicken
you need:
choose a type of pasta you like (i prever conchiglie for this salad but you can also do it with rigattoni for example)...
2 spoons of oliveoil
150 gramms of chicken breast
black pepper
150gramms of cellery
2 peaches..i always take 3 or 4 but thats because i love peaches a lot
180 gramms of very creamy plain joghurt
4 teaspoons of curry powder
30 gramms of roasted sesame

so..boil the pasta in salt water..please..al dente!! dont cook the pasta until its fucking dead like most people do it in germany which actually makes me cry on the kitchenfloor...so cook it and when its done and you decant it save 5 spoon full of the cooking water

now cut the chicken breast in little pieces and heat the olive oil in a pan...roast the chicken well and put pepper and salt on it..i like to add some pepper de paris over it which gives the a very nice taste...put the chicken to the side and let it cool down a bit

now cut the cellery into small pieces as well as the peaches..skin them off ( which is a work which i really dont like but the taste is totally worth it) and cut them into small pieces...mix them in a bowl with the chicken breast pieces and the pasta

now mix the joghurt with salt, pepper, sugar after your gusto and the cooking water you saved aside...whisk it very well..add the sesame and put it all over the chicken sellery peach mix...stir it very well and let it lie still for about 10 minutes

now the roastet potatos
you need
as much allready cooked potatos as you want to
1-2 garlic clove
2-3 red onions..i love these onions because of their mild, almost sweet taste
4 tomatos
some rucola/rocket salat
4 eating spoons of olive oil
150 gramms of feta

first cut the potatos in pieces..the peel the garlic as well as the onions and cut them into small pieces too..now take the tomatos..cut out the green part of them because its not so healthy to eat it..then cut out the watery/seexy inside and cut the tomatos by now into small pieces too, now wash the rocked salad, clean it, and dry it

heat the oil up in a pan and roast the tomatos for about 5-7 minutes ..put them in a bowl and put the pan back on the oven...add some more olive oil and
roast now the garlic and the onions (you can add some bacon too)spice the potatos meanwhile with salt and pepper and add then the garlic and the onions to the potatos in the bowl..add now the tomatos as well as the rocket salads..stir it all very well and crumble the feta all over it...serve the whole thing aside the salad with a glas of red wine or a cold bear...arg*..beer?..i menat beer yes!

so..thats that..i hope you like the whole thing...if my wonderful friends jo or neve had joined me for dinner i had replaced the chicken by champignons or spicy tofu..as well as i had left out the bacon (even so i always use turkey bacon since i dont eat pork)...if you try the recipes just tell me how you liked them..


Jo said...

Lovely recipe isntructions, but please, yoghurt, not johurt!

You wish ;)

Danielle said...

where did i wrote johurt?...jo hurt me with that:-PP

Mwa said...

Children and (even minor) surgery is too awful to contemplate.

That food looked great and I would surely eat it.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh. Yum. I need to make those things. I have SO much arugula in my garden. It's like a weed! And I crave it.
And is this MY island you are fantasizing about? Hmmmm.
Lucky woman, whoever she is. Or could be.
I hope Mini-Santiago feels more himself soon.

Danielle said...

@ mwa

thank you..:-)

and yes..it is..i m happy mini-santiago is over the whole thing already

Danielle said...

@ ms moon

oh please try the recipes..i d love to know how you liked them:-)

mini is already much better and by the evening he was all back in good condition

...i m not sure if it was your island...but maybe it was you i was fantasieng about..:-P

sarımsak hapı zayıflama said...

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Danielle said...

oh wow...my first spam inhere!! store garlic...and they advertise with a picture of angelina jolie..i doubt she knows that..hehe*

Petit fleur said...

You are the sweetest.

You did such a marvelous job with little Santi. Hope he is back to cooking soon! ...I can't imagine what could have detained little Santis mom for her not to be there for him... Good thing he has you.

The food looks and sounds fantastic. When I am less harried I will try this.
Great post. Hope you are well too.

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

hey hey..:-) thank you..well i try my best to be a good dad for mini-s...his mom is actually sick in the moment as well as in complicated situation so she couldnt be there unfortunatelly

i m glad you like the food...i didnt blogged much about food recently though i love to cook...the foody stuff needs to come back!

Glimmer said...

I am intrigued by the recipes, especially adding peaches to the chicken. Do you know why? This is VERY old-fashioned deep south cooking!

One night I was caught in a snowstorm in D.C. and had to work the next night. So I stayed with my lovely artist friends, Vanny and Ellis (I work about them in A Moveable Tea). I woke up and they had a huge dinner waiting in their formal dining room, the nice china, the silver out. It was chicken jubilee -- with a cherry sauce. So unexpected, tart and sweet at the same time, delicious.

The chicken-peaches-yogurt reminds me of that, and them. I am going to try that and the potatoes.

I think you are southern in your soul.

Craig Sorensen said...

Sounds like quite a day indeed, and you had a fine feast!

Hope mini is feeling better. Dental procedures just take it out of a person, that's for sure.

Danielle said...

i know..:-) i m grown up with creole and brazilian food which is very similar to the kitchen of the south...a i wish i could come back to nola for a while:-))))

and again you tell a lil story in your coment..you so are a storyteller..love it:-)

Danielle said...

@ craig

yes he is..the little man is almost undestroyable..in the evening he was already up in the bad and startet to paint and draw again..now he runs around and shows everyone the wholes in his mouth..:-)