Sunday, December 13, 2009 made me jump with joy

you know i ma writer..i write..stories..columns..books..all day* dont ..not recently..recently i ll have breaks ..breaks which i use to chat with my blogland crush...and because i love you all so much i just want let you have part in this and enjoy our intellectual and adult/mature conversations.....
me: brb have to drink something
bloglandcrush: no whiskey!
bloglandcrush: smelly alert back in a sex
sec! A second!
me: are you there? or still busy with that sex??
bloglandcrush: agh
shut up
me: yes?
bloglandcrush: I@m back
me: you know that i just copied that heh?
bloglandcrush: which?
me: about the sex
bloglandcrush: same mistake
me: i ll use that in a post about my blog land crush
bloglandcrush: !
me: i simply have to..!!!!
bloglandcrush: noooooo
I make that mistake all the time..
me: yes..back in a sex..i mean..thats an instant classic!
bloglandcrush: a freudian slit
me: slit eh?
bloglandcrush: x and c are very close together

ps: nicknames, age , bra-size and other important details have been changed by the editor to save the innocent*


Petit fleur said...

It's fun to have crushes, especially when they think along the same lines as you do.

Glad you are enjoying it!

(My crush is on my 4 year old at the moment) :-) It's different, but still very amusing.
xo pf

Ms. Moon said...

My soul is too dark today to even imagine what a blogland crush would feel like. But please- carry on!

Danielle said...

@ petit fleur

yes crushes are wonderful...a great way to share a good vibe and a flrity friendship..:-)

and speaking about your 4 year old..isnt that the best crush one could have?..:-)

Danielle said...

@ ms moon

ah..this one shall pass too..believe me...:-)

Ms. Moon said...

I know, dear. I know.

Jo said...

My daughter looked at this and asked 'Who is that weird man? And why is he so angry? He looks angry. And what is that thing he has?'

A first introduction to Freud...

I wonder is anyone else disturbed by the ridiculousness of that conversation? That's what you're missing out work for?


Danielle said...

@ ms moon

we ll just have to wait a bit..:-)

Danielle said...

@ jo

yep..thats what i missing out on work for..and to be frank i enjoy it to the max..:-)

Mwa said...

A blogland crush eh? How deliciously exciting.